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  1. $ 1,000 USD in Las Vegas at some strip club. That included wine, bottle of champagne, use of the VIP area and an hour of lap dances and tease with the darling of my choice. Expected more and felt ripped off. Live and learn. In LOS really don't know but have had many tabs over 3k on soi 33.
  2. Actually the culture is still today different north vrs south. The south is closer to and more open to western culture. In my experience even things like hotel and restaurant service in the south were better, plus more nightlife (though nothing like Thailand).
  3. Yes Patpong should be open as it is not in Wattana district where elections are being held. So Sukhumvit places from 6 pm Friday on will be closed.
  4. Worst: Gymkhana Club in Chiang Mai Best - hmmmm, easier to do by area: Bangkok - Alpine Phuket - Red Mountain Chiang Mai - Chiang Mai Highlands Scotland - St. Andrews Old Course USA - TPC Stadium Cours, Ponte Vedra FL
  5. For Soi Cowboy, After School is legendary for its 'naughty boy' corner which has what you are looking for.
  6. Dali


    Anyone have any experience with the Danang night scene and recommendations? I know it is relatively quiet and definitely not a nightlife destination, but if you were going to be there for other reasons and wanted some fun?
  7. Rex hotel new wing rooms are very nice. In the old wing the suites are OK but the regular rooms are small, dingy and 3 star quality at best.
  8. Sheraton is much nicer than the Caravelle (which is overrated in my opinion). Renaissance is in between. All the above though are overpriced (you pay for location - for a relatively poor country property values are sky high). For some 'old world' flavor the Majestic is good. If you don't mind being a 5 - 10 minute cheap taxi ride from the central area, New World is an excellent choice. Aside from the location (nothing within walking distance of note other then a park across the street), it is better than the Renaissance or Caravelle, and much less expensive.
  9. May hotel is a good 3 star choice. Also close to the Apocolypse Now disco which is probably the best place to find FLs.
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