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  1. was in samui for the weekend just past. was drinking in lamai with a young brit chap who had been staying there a few months. he summed it up well when he said "samui a bit short of fit birds idin it" I have to agree. place is very quiet at the moment which is to be expected but the beach sure was nice.

  2. Just back at work after my month in Samui. Samui seemed like it had a very short high season. apart from 23dec - 5th jan things seemed very quiet. I did visit soi green mango and soi reggae as well as bars in lamai and they all were very quiet. although they probably kicked off very late well after i had gone home. Girls were all isaan of course and seemd older and in some cases harder than thier pattaya sisters. Only saw 2 that i thought were attractive and most were quite old. Amazing seeing young guys (21-25) wandering around tescos with BG girlfriends that looked mid 30s. i guess no substitute for experience. Samui would definately disapoint someone who was looking for the pattaya or bkk style P4P. But i guess that the big attraction to Samui. other thing i noticed was teh definate lack of places to go for a day time drink.


    What did amuse me was how they can have a "beach road" in Chaweng where you cant even see the beach due to all the bech front property being built out and unaccessable. Public access to beach was very limited. I found this very disapointing. My only other complaint was the fact that to get around you really have to have a motorbike which at xmas time was hairy at times with some of the crazy farangs on bikes. I think xmas/NY death toll was 5 in 7 days all from bikes.


    I really did like the other side of the island though, from Bor Phut to Hua Thanon was rather peaceful and relaxing and i guess thats what i was really looking for. BP dropped from 140/95 to 117/73 which is the lowest it has ever been. I did find in genral that people were a lot politer and tips were not expected, although when you did give a modest tip it was definately appreciated.


    Certainly a different trip for me but it was very enjoyable and relaxing. I will definately go again.

  3. Thanks Busy Bee, I am in samui at the moment and having a very relaxing time. Staying a few streats back from Chaweng beach in a seviced apartment at 23k a month for 1 bed room and lounge with 25 metre swiming pool.


    Lats few days i made it out to Grandfather/mother rocks and also south to baan talay and then i a temple on top of a farking big hill that bikes could hardly get up.


    Also went up to bor phut beach which is quite nice and have a couple of beers. New GF here works long hours so i have plenty of time to explore the island. Been to bar areas of lamai for a look but girl appear fairly second rate but A very nice change from pattaya and BKK. No way could i play even if i wanted as girl has a nose better than a police sniffer dog. certainly sems very quiet here with many bars and restraunts without customers even over xmas new year.


    all in all really good to get away from the hooliganism of pattaya.

  4. Ok after 10 years of visiting Thailand i am planning my first visit in mid December. i am not looking for naughty action but i am intertested on what to expect regarding hotel, food, drink prices etc. Also what are some good things to do and see there? Is the taxi mafia a real problem similar to Phuket?


    whats the tourist scene like? is it mainly young brit males drinking heavily and wanting to have punch ups like pattaya or is it urbane youn italians strutting around?


    any info would be appreciated


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