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    Minor Scam

    I was at a bar called 'Papagayo,' in Pattaya, last night. I was sitting with a bargirl, we were on stools next to the bar. I ordered a drink for me and her, and the bartender who took the order said,'One drink for me too?' I said 'no,' and I shook my head. Then I went to the toilet, and when I came back I noticed that the bartender had a shot of tequila. I didn't care, because I'd told him I wasn't buying him a drink. But, when the updated bill arrived in my checkbin, his drink had been added to my bill. I told him I had refused his request for me to buy him a drink, and he said,"yes, you did [agree to buy me a drink]." So, I went to the cashier and told her what happened, and she said "the bargirl sitting with you told him it was OK for him to have a drink. Wait until her dance shift is over, and we can sort this out." 1. I don't believe there's any way the cashier could know what had been said between the bargirl sitting with me and the bartender. 2. There's no reason I should have to wait until the bargirl finishes her dance shift. She can get offstage right now and sort this out. 3. I got no sense, or feeling, at all that honesty mattered to them. The bartender lied right in my face, and the cashier did the same thing. This scam is not limited to Papagayo. FYI. Please don't reply to this post. I'm not going to check it for replies myself, because most of what gets posted these days on Thai360 is neither informative nor useful.
  2. Can't tell if any answers posted so far are informed, or just the typical idiocy.
  3. As you know if you've been there, between the front and back stages, there's that circular ceramic thing with girls, water & soapsuds inside. And chains hanging from the ceiling with handgrips. What's it called? Thanks
  4. I got my visa extended, no problem there. I needed: 2 photocopies from my passport- One of the page that has all the info- issuing date, expiry date, and so on, AND the page that has my date of entry to Thailand stamp on it. 1 visa photo 1,900 Baht And I had to fill out a form- TM7 I believe it was. They had plenty of those at the immigration office. I got there at 2 pm (they're open from 8:30~ 4:30) and it only took about 15 minutes to complete. They're on Jomtien Beach Road, up Soi 5 http://allpattaya.com/directory/public-services/business/2726/Pattaya-Immigration-Office
  5. My 60 day tourist visa expires at the end of August, so I'm going to apply for a 30 day extension. I have not done this before. From what I've seen on the 'Net, I'll need a visa extension form, which I think I can download, 1 visa photo, and a photocopy of my passport. I'm in Pattaya, so I'll need to go to the Immigration office at Jomtien, Soi 5. Does it matter when I go to apply for an extension? I figure I'd rather do it sooner than later, in case my application is denied. Are visa extension applications routinely approved? What's the deal with visa overstays? I could probably use a couple of extra days over the 30 I'd get if my extension is approved, but could visa overstaying be grounds for denying entry to Thailand in the future? Thanks!
  6. yfs, yours seems to be the only intelligent response to my beer bar girls prices post. I don't know why Thai 360 or Nanaplaza has gone down the tubes the way it has. I guess there's too many people out there who don't have a life and therefore have nothing better to do than post idiotic posts. It's a pity! If there's a website out there you could recommend to me, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, I will do a web search, as you suggested. Thanks!
  7. Savittre

    Hand Job Bar?

    Is there such a thing as a hand job bar in Pattaya? Thanks.
  8. Thanks, guys. Nice to know there's no big hassle involved, for you at least. I'm limited to the banks specified in my post... thanks again
  9. I'm in Pattaya now. I'm going to transfer some money from my bank in my country to a bank in Australia, while I'm here in Pattaya. In order for the Australian bank to open an account for me, they need me to get some documents certified at a Thai bank- Siam City Bank, Bangkok Bank, or Siam Commercial Bank. The person at the Thai bank has to have a bit of rank, and been working there for more than two years. I will be able to step him or her through it, but s/he will have to have adequate English. I've never done this kind of thing before. So, I've posted this thinking that expats or whoever has experience dealing with Thai banks may have some advice for me. Thanks!
  10. OK, I stand corrected. 'Ho' it is, then. Sure it's short for 'whore,' but to me it lacks the offensiveness that 'whore' conveys. For me, it's just casual. http://www.rapdict.org/Ho e.g. Alternative to "bitch" as in, one's girlfriend. "She's ma ho'"
  11. Expat!! You surprise me! To tell you the truth, I don't see anything 'exciting' about calling women 'hoes.' I certainly never use that word when I'm with them! Maybe it's because 'hump' and 'hoe' both start with 'H.' I tried to talk a buddy in my country into coming to LOS. I said,"Let's go over to Bangkok and hump some hoes," which made him chuckle. I usually refer to 'fucking' as 'humping.' As far as I know, 'hoe' is the current lingo. It doesn't have any special connotation that I'm aware of. I consider 'whore' to have an offensive connotation, and 'prostitute' and 'hooker' take longer to type than 'hoe,'... that's all. But again, I never use any of those words, 'hoe', hooker, prostitute, whore, when I'm with the girls. On a side note, what pisses me off is seeing the girls get groped in the bars. One look at her face, and you know she doesn't like it. So why do it? I guess it's a power trip, the guy figures she has to take it. All I can say is 'Fuck that!"
  12. I've no particular reason for asking how many hoes there are in Pattaya, except that some years back, I recall something about there being 20,000 girls working there. I don't know how well informed that estimate was, either. It was also stated that there were 4,000 to 5,000 punters. Anybody got a clue about how many girls?
  13. I called Australia from Pattaya on my mobile phone and went through 500 baht in 23 minutes... just wondering if there's a numeric prefix I could use that would make calls cheaper? Thank you!
  14. Hi Guys, in my experience, it's been like this- In Thailand, she'll initiate bareback intercourse because she's trying to 'befriend' you. In my admittedly cynical view, she's thinking you may be a potential sponsor. Not in Thailand, but elsewhere in Southeast Asia, the scenario's like this: Been out bar hopping, come home with the hoe, but because of the beer that's been consumed, the libido's not 100%, and then using a condom as well makes it just not possible to cum. She realizes that, and for her the bottom line is- get his rocks off, get paid. So, every time without exception the situation's been like this, the girl initiates fucking without the condom. Lastly, a beer bar girl in Thailand once showed me some birth control pills that she had. She said they were in case the condom broke. I figured that was a pile of shit, and I would imagine that any time a customer wanted condomless sex, it would be no problem for her. I figure that because of my own experience with the girls elsewhere in Southeast Asia- it sure didn't take much for them to decide to fuck without a condom. Get his rocks off, get paid- that's the bottom line, and it applies equally in Thailand. Personally, I don't like condoms, however, I always use them. I don't mix sex and alcohol anymore because that has led to stupid decisions on my part. So, would anyone care to input about Thai girls and condomless sex? I figure most (or all) of them are quite willing to have bareback intercourse, and probably often do, however, I don't have personal experience of that. Maybe not using one gives her an excuse to bump up the price. What do you say? In the end, it's all about the money!
  15. drogon, Nervous God, shygye- THANKS!! Sorry, drogon, about the friction between you and Nervous God. I know you were just trying to be helpful. You guys were talking about the technology and the ways it can be applied, which are many. I just want to be able to make phone calls to anywhere from anywhere at this point in time, basically... I think the best advice I got was.. "Best solution is a good dual sim phone, you can use local sims, receive calls on your home sim, and use internet applications." See, my knowledge of communication technology is pretty much non-existant, but I think what's being said here is simply to buy a phone that can use more than one type of sim card, then I can buy a sim card that's local to the country I'm in, and my phone works with it, so I can always make my calls with no problem. That's all I really need! Again, thanks to all for your input. If I'm not pushing my luck too far, would anyone care to suggest/recommend a good quality dual sim phone?
  16. Thanks, drogon, for your reply. It really helps me a lot! I know little to nothing about the topics you cover in your post, but I love technology, so it will be a pleasure to expand my knowledge. Again, many thanks! :content:
  17. Thanks to Shygye, Cavanami, Nervous God and Drogon for your replies. Shygye- yeah, Internet-based services will depend on the quality of the Internet connection. Of course. I'll probably be in some places where the Internet connection is not that great. Perhaps even in the very same place, the quality of the Internet connection fluctuates, day to day. How can I know what my bandwidth is? And, how do I know if it's good enough for good call quality? Cavanami- Thanks for the input on Skype. I'll configure it in hopes that it does as good for me as it does for you. Drogon- Skype + voipdiscount + voipbuster + msn messenger + fishtext. I take this to be a bundle of technology that would meet my needs? If that's so, I'm not clear on voipdiscount + voipbuster. Guys, what about something that's not Internet reliant, like a mobile phone? The thing is, I expect I'll be moving around between different countries, so if I get a mobile phone and phone service set up in Thailand, I don't think I'd be able to use it when I'm not in Thailand, so I'd have to get mobile phone service set up again in the country I'm currently in, and so on, and so on. Is that what would happen? If so, that wouldn't be a great solution for me. How about something from Apple? E.g. iPhone? Is there anything else that's not Internet reliant that would meet my needs?? Many Thanks, once again!
  18. Hello, Guys, I need something- I'm not sure what it is- that will let me phone North America, Australia, and Southeast Asian countries. I could be calling from Thailand or any of the places I've mentioned above. I would be calling to landline phones, mobile phones and maybe computers. Consistently satisfactory call quality- e.g. landline grade if possible- is a must. The solution I need could be something I could use with my Netbook (Acer Aspire One, running Windows 7 Starter). Right now, I use a MagicJack. Call quality can be great, but it isn't consistent. MagicJack call quality can also be such that conversation is impossible. I just can't have that. OTOH, the phone service I need doesn't have to be something I can use with my Netbook. What about Skype? I've downloaded the software, but I expect I'd need to set it up so that I could call landlines or mobiles. Before I do all of that, could anyone tell me if Skype delivers the call quality I need? My knowledge is limited. I don't know much about the other technologies out there that might be what I need. My top priority is call quality. Price/expense is secondary. Many thanks, Geeks & Gurus!! :content:
  19. The situation is more than clear now. One of our brethren recommended Bliss to me. I checked that place out tonight. IMHO, King Kong doesn't compete in terms of price or service. I won't go there again.
  20. Ask the bar for a breakdown- Well, I'm sure I'm not going to get any money back, so I don't really see the point of doing that. If I start asking questions, they may react in a confrontational manner~ and I'm not going to get any money back anyway. OTOH, I've always liked the place, but since I'd prefer to not be cheated, I figure just forget about going there. I'm confused, but the situation will be clear in a day or two. Thanks for the replies, guys.
  21. Hi Again, Some time ago, I posted about 'musts in Pattaya.' One reply I got was, 'Beach Road- daytime.' Can anybody tell me why daytime, please? Is there a problem with Beach Road in the evening or night? Thanks. I really liked Beach Road back in 2002, I had good times, and I have good memories. As we all know, things do change, though. Thanks!
  22. I don't know why they would cheat me. I guess this is a reminder to ask the price beforehand, or suffer the consequences. 700 for lady, 300 for room is, to my knowledge, standard on Soi Six. Anybody care to confirm that? Thanks.
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