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  1. the Siam Hotel - coffee shop was my late night hunting before it was demolished for all those tg's - massage girls / bg / or even a regular working tg who would drop to SHC to pull a trick to pay there life style.....
  2. agree with you mate, they cannot even name 5 countries and here we are talking of countries where even an educated thai does not know.... all bg's they know is "falang" japanes, arab or Indian not beyond these cheers
  3. Agree with you mate, I always book same like you , double and my GF / wife will be arriving later..... cheers
  4. Hi Try some the bars along the Nana and also there is pool table in NP at the Vodoo go-go, both of you can play as you hardly find any punters interested at NP for a game. I played many times with the BGs there.....also there some slot machines were you will find the BG gambling....... cheers
  5. vinod

    Food Land Bkk

    Miss the Foodland in Soi 5, a good place to drop for a breakfast or later dinner.......when is it reopening ??? cheers
  6. they saying a decade back to $$ was 40 plus and today less than 30 :question: :question:
  7. agree with u, just 2 days GFE.... cheers
  8. Yes agree with you nothing is free in this world, reminds me of old joke Son : Dad what it cost to get married ? Dad : don't know, :question: :question: still paying for it... cheers
  9. Keep it going mate, nice story, so in between your medical studies you did stint in army From ur story all I can say u have really little exp., with the high so in thai or the well off business thai-chinese, they would not let there daughters get married off outside the cluture until you a world know person with money like the founders of Google, Facebook..... But keep it going looks like an anuthor coming beside Moore & Stephen L. cheers
  10. vinod

    Limited Russian Visas

    Yes.... I think they can get VOA.....
  11. vinod

    "New" Nana Plaza

    or should we say too many stroll's.... I posted within days when all the ground floor bb we taken out...... cheers
  12. Wow within 30 mins was he driving or flying :question: :question: my exp., even at that time once you enter pty it takes 30 min to your hotel around the beach road, with all the night traffic... cheers
  13. I would run 6k regular in NEP go-gos, at Soi 33 with one or 2 mates on business, tha tabs would go beyond 10k. One the higest I paid was in upscale thai joints with bills going beyond 40k....this is nothing compared to Beijing Karokes....blowing upward 60 to 70k. Glad still working at top position where the tab is on exp a/c.... cheers
  14. Hi Just wondering how Tourism & Sports are clubed, maybe they throught, it is to do with sexersise. .and get under oneroof...TIT cheers
  15. Mate, It is not the worth, it is a ripe off place for a f***k. The money u spend u just fly for the weekend to Bkk and have have value for money. I been here on & off for last 10 plus yrs and leart very early all the massage / esorts highend girls, ripe off. Specially if ur in 5* star hotels, u can fly to Bkk and come back if u just have a day off. I am currently back in India on project for the next 3 months and if u wantinfo send me pm. cheers
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