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  1. the Siam Hotel - coffee shop was my late night hunting before it was demolished for all those tg's - massage girls / bg / or even a regular working tg who would drop to SHC to pull a trick to pay there life style.....
  2. agree with you mate, they cannot even name 5 countries and here we are talking of countries where even an educated thai does not know.... all bg's they know is "falang" japanes, arab or Indian not beyond these cheers
  3. Hi Try some the bars along the Nana and also there is pool table in NP at the Vodoo go-go, both of you can play as you hardly find any punters interested at NP for a game. I played many times with the BGs there.....also there some slot machines were you will find the BG gambling....... cheers
  4. Luckyjackson, Even I'm in the same position. This time my family - wife & daughter (11 years) are traveling with me. I travel in SE Asia almost every month on business and this time during the christmas they wanted to come. We are in Bkk starting from 18-Dec. I was looking for someone who is in similiar position so that the family can go out & I'll be free for partying If this sounds interesting write to me vinod
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