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  1. got one last week for my android, downloaded the app, my cell phone could make calls on any wify network for free, bought the gizmo's at radio shack, and got a real phone number that people could call me on, call quality's not the best as sometimes it drops calls and people can not here you, so I am now just using as voice mail, its a good back up number. as you can make a cell phone work with no cell service..

  2. its it normal a few months ago most prices, for flight from Chicago to Bangkok, were around 1200, I checked for June or July, and am looking at 2000 -2300, i thought the summer was low season, is just a short time fluke, or is that what its going to be..I really would like to fly Cathy Pacific, with a lay over for a few days in Hong Kong.. are the summer prices always this High

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