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  1. at the flapping fanny bar in soi boi off surawong? usually a good show, but sometimes it's just a bit off...timing needs to be really good for maximum effect...
  2. bah! the latest almodovar ("broken embraces") was ok, but no more than that... what's the (celluloid) world coming to when even pedro can no longer come up with the goods?
  3. hmmm...nobody posted here on the 19th...curious... <>
  4. indeed...i, for one, have a syphilitic relationship with public-toilet seats...
  5. welcome back p.....! good to hear tashkent has more options than bishkek, which is rather run-down...will explore...which months were you there? almaty is a very attractive city with ridiculously beautiful russian women...alas, kazachstan has oil&gas so prices (for just about everything) are high...very high...
  6. sorry, but no sympathy from this corner... you may have been shoddily treated, at the very least, by the tour company but if you had cared to do even the most basic research (ie spend 10 minutes on google; ask a couple of people) you would have learned that Bt31,000 would pay for a month of travel around cambodia... i'm also amazed that there still are people out there who are surprised when they get ripped off in pattaya...you're not whiskers/bangkok barry in disguise, are you?
  7. playing policeman is unfortunately oh so typical of the serial-posters...anyone mentioning the boot should be sentenced to a cooling-off period...this may even force the sad serial-posters to attempt getting a life...
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