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  1. colorwolf

    Thaksin, where are you?

    how low can you sink? posting a pick-up by the yellow-shirt mouthpiece of the twitter-feed of a no-name former bureaucrat! surely fiery jack's mega-farts contain more truths...
  2. colorwolf

    DSI: Target of RPG attack was Emerald Buddha temple

    hmmmmm, and how often did the police/military try to block or break up a "yellow protest"? indeed, never, as they're batting for the same team. had the military pummeled the airport-occupiers, as they should have, the authorities would be in a much stronger position now. the present govt came into power through urban terrorism; they're facing those same tactics now. and this emerald buddha plot is just the latest indication that the govt is getting increasingly desperate to find a pretext for a crackdown. an even more transparent lie than the previous toppling-the-monarchy one. the quicker abhisit and his team of incompetent clowns leaves the better for the country.
  3. colorwolf

    Reds storm hospital

    problem is, if the nation "reports" something you can't be sure at all if it actually happened. if something noteworthy does happen, other, less unreliable, sources like the BP will have reports as well. these reports are unlikely to have twitter feeds as their main source. by now, no serious foreign media outlet will quote the nation, unless they want to highlight the shrill demagoguery of the yellow shirts.
  4. colorwolf

    Reds storm hospital

    amazing...someone actually takes the time to find the names of n korean newspapers...you should apply at the nation, they sure need subs like you... i thought it was very clear by now that i'm the board's resident twat, so no need to point out the totally obvious...
  5. remarkable...the nation now manages to outdo not the nation in hilariousness...
  6. colorwolf

    Abhsit interviewed by Amanpour

    amanpour's seriously ugly, though...
  7. colorwolf

    Thai GDP 2010 outlook 4.3% to 5.8% growth

    it must be! growth will be strengthened further once the UN peacekeepers arrive from bangladesh, Zimbabwe and uruguay...
  8. colorwolf

    Reds storm hospital

    i fully agree that storming a hospital is at least a few shades beyond the pale, but what is almost just as "unbelievable, unreasonable, unredeemable and untenable" is your insistence on quoting the dumbest rag south of the pyongyang daily. just look at this rubbish: what lazy-ass runt would quote twitter users at all, let alone in the second para!? apart from the fact that plenty twitter users believe that elvis is still alive... what imbecile would write that the storming of a hospital triggers a storm of criticism within the social media community? really, no other community was upset? do yourself and other BMs a huge favour and stop quoting from this retarded rag.
  9. colorwolf

    Another Red Shirt Thread

    that's ok, but NOT on mature women please. the red bikini posted above was far too grim for comfort.
  10. colorwolf

    Thaksin, where are you?

    beside the point indeed, so why name-drop (of some no-namer, at that) at the start of an opinion piece?
  11. colorwolf

    Thaksin, where are you?

    ha! the bakery i go to buys their flour from a guy whose neighbor's sister is the florist of the hotel where the emirates trolley dollies stay. one of them left a note in ancient sumerian saying that "the man is just fine". so, no problems...
  12. colorwolf

    Democrats look to get Puea Thai dissolved

    DP very well knows that PT will win elections, so they'll have their buddies at the courts ban PT. same same the previous two governments: yellow arses didn't want them, so just file a bogus complaints until your own party's in power. "democrat party" needs a name-change asap...
  13. colorwolf


    let's all use a blue-titted avatar avatar!?
  14. colorwolf


    so "they" massage your sphincter? lemme know asap as that'd be a massive bonus for that hotel...and am looking to book one as well...
  15. colorwolf

    Snus and giving up cigs...

    anyone trying to acquire a good dose of oral cancer should do so as well!