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  1. While living on Koh Phi Phi in 94/95 we used to encounter snakes with some frequency. One of my students had a green tree viper land on the ground behind him just as he walked under a tree. Locals said this is how the snake envenoms its prey, by falling on them with fangs drawn. They said very good luck sign to have snake fall and miss....yeah, good luck sign, sure thing Somchai. The second major encounter occurred when my roommate Tom came running into the dive shop, Sea Frog, yelling that we had a huge snake in the bungalow. It seems he was going into the bathroom around 8pm in the evening and turned on the light, which happened to be a dangling light bulb hanging from the ceiling with a pull chain. Upon pulling the chain he was surprised to see, not without good reason, a very large, black constrictor of some sort lying at his feet. Likely the snake was equally surprised to see him. Off we went back to the bungalow with a stick provided by the Thai staff, who I might add gave very clear instructions to beat said snake to death and then carry the carcass back to the dive shop for the purpose of grilling. Well, said snake was long gone when we arrived and we surmised that it entered through the ceiling, thus laying the plans for a ceiling repair the next day. The third occasion was on a return to the bungalow one night from the dive shop when I was unlocking the door and Tom shown his light on the cinder block wall of our bathroom. His light illuminated a banded krait slithering its way up the wall and then disappearing into a small hole in between the cinder blocks. I had to explain to Tom that although the banded Krait is indeed highly poisonous they are generally a gentle snake similar to the banded sea snakes we often encountered while diving...more to follow... Encounters with sea snakes... While diving I often encountered banded sea snakes, the very gentle and extremely poisonous sea faring members of the Krait family. Due to the structure of their mouths they can only bite very small thin things like earlobes and the webbing in between fingers. Unfortunately if bitten there is no antivenin, so kissing one’s ass goodbye is appropriate. Being good natured the banded sea snake is unlikely to attack even when provoked by somewhat dense scuba instructors, that would be me. I often would pet and caress the snakes as they swam around me, allowing my students to watch the snake move back and forth trying to figure out what was going on. Foolish? Possibly, but then again I’m typing this today, 15 years later. Anyhoo, my favorite encounter with sea snakes I wrote about on this beloved forum long ago. Rough translation: I wrote this story that maybe three people read and if you are extraordinarily bored and have excellent search skills you might find it. Basically the crux of the story is that we had a dive site we reserved mostly for island staff known as the sea snake cave. The cave was located along the north edge of Koh Phi Phi Don and found by some markings I have long since forgotten. Once the site was located, after a trip around the island by long tail boat, we would don our gear and slip over the side for a short dive to roughly 18m or 60ft of depth where the opening to the cave presented itself. A swim of 30 or so meters brought us to a chamber where we could emerge from the water into an air filled cavern. What made this cavern interesting was its inhabitants, namely several dozen banded sea snakes using the space to warm themselves, or mate. I never personally stopped to examine there terrestrial activities. We would then doff our scuba gear and exit the water to walk amongst the slithering venomous throng. It was strange to be walking around a dark cavern lit only by flashlight and catch glimpses of these snakes undulating all over the walls and floor of the cavern. What was even more disconcerting was donning the scuba gear with the very real possibility that one of the snakes might have taken up residence. Ahhh, those were the days.
  2. Brink15

    A new PC

    BR, It depends on which reports you read. DDR was AMD's answer to Intel's use of RD-Ram on it's 800 series motherboards. RD-Ram has shown good performance gains over SD-Ram in processor intensive applications such as CAD when combined with the new P IV processors. DDR is much less expensive than RD and has shown very good performance with the latest graphics intensive games, hence its use on many high-end video cards. The reports I've seen on gaming systems with Athalon processors, 256 MB DDR-Ram, and a high-end video card (such as the GeForce3) are very impressive. I did a twenty minute demo on a new Athalon system configured as above. WOW! Makes my PIII 733 w/ 128 MB of RD-Ram and a GeForce2 Pro look sad.
  3. Brink15

    A new PC

    SanukDee, Sorry to hear about the Sony. I would have thought most of their stuff would have better quality multimedia components. My experience with laptops is that most of them can not remotely compete with desk tops when it comes to multimedia. My Dell Gamer, Dimension XPS B733r, has a GeForce2 Pro w/ 66 megs of DDR Ram and a Sound Blaster Live sound card. I've got Altec surround sound speakers. The thing runs games amazingly well, but I will never get this kind of performance from todays laptops. My Dell Inspiron 8000 has a very good graphics card ATI Mobility M4 w/ 32 megs RAM, Harman Kardon audio, and a 15" Ultra XGA display. They even make a mobile version of the GeForce now - NVidia GeForce2Go. But it is still not the same as a desk top for gaming. I love my Dell, and from what I have seen, it is one of the best. I don't use it for gaming, well maybe a quick game of Freecell while a download or install completes. If you are looking for an extremely dependable laptop with all the latest bells and whistles, plus the best tech support I have seen - although by no means perfect. go for Dell.
  4. Brink15

    A new PC

    quote: Originally posted by ALHOLK: Operating systems from Microshaft have the abillity to crash any hardware and their definition of Preemptive multi tasking is the capacity to crash several tasks simultaeously without waiting for each other. Alholk, Too funny. I'll have remember that line about multitasking. But at least Microsoft has perfected Plug and Pray. Just plug your new device in, turn on the PC, and pray Windows detects the correct hardware, then pray it installs the proper driver. Can't wait to see Windows XP or .NET.
  5. Brink15

    A new PC

    256 megs of DDR Ram, oo,oo,oo!
  6. Brink15

    A new PC

    Reliability issues related to Pentium vs. AMD are often miss-attributed to hardware, when, as DB pointed out, they can be software related. When I hear someone talking about a crash, my first question, as an engineer, is what was being processed when the crash occured. The next question would be what changes have recently been made on the system, hardware and software related. Yes, CPUs can cause problems, such as the overheating issue DB mentioned. Often times a hardware issue is related to the motherboard and chip set. This was the case when Intel first released their 800 series chipsets to be compatible with RD-Ram. Had nothing whatsoever to do with the CPU. Most crashes I have seen in recent years were caused by O/S failure, faulty installation of new drivers, and software conflicts. They happen all the time. If you are running Win95, Win98, or Win ME at some point you will probably experience a crash. With Win ME at least you can turn the clock back and reset the registry without having to be an engineer. AMD has a certain draw, with certain groups of people, much like Linux. By the way I'll probably build an AMD machine for gaming as their graphics rendering tends to be better than current Pentium machines. For business I like Pentium.
  7. Brink15

    A new PC

    Thunderbird 1300, oo,oo,oo! 256 megs Ram, oo,oo,oo! I bet its the new DDR Ram too, oo,oo,oo! I'm sorry I can't help myself. New computer technology is to me what power tools are to Tim Allen on "Tool Time." My latest toy, Dell Inspiron 8000 laptop w/ PIII 850 CPU, 128 megs Ram (although I'm going to change that soon), 15" Ultra TFT display, fixed DVD-Rom drive, accessory bay for extra battery or floppy drive, fire wire port, dual PC card ports, running W2K with Office 2000 pro. Gonna build me one o' them AMDs as a gaming station when I get a round tooit. Has anyone got any spare round tooits?
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