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  1. Long shot request - last time I was in Chiang Mai, I discovered a small shop that sold metal bowls, mostly from Nepal and Tibet, that you struck with a padded mallet and would make a bell like sound for several seconds. I didn't have room in the suitcase to bring it back (the best bowl was fairly big, salad bowl size, with a deep resonant sound) and would like to try to find one in Bangkok on this trip. Have anyone ever run across a place that sells this kind of item? I won't be there for the Chatuchuk weekend market which would probably be the place I'd start, so will have to try to find it during the week. Any suggestions?
  2. We've never met but have enjoyed your sense of humor in your posts over the years. I appreciate what you've shared and hope that you can keep us posted on what unfolds from here. You've stepped back and examined your life honestly. It's an invitation for all of us. Be well my friend.
  3. A couple of years ago, a Thai friend took me to a round building, several stories (6?) that I believe had the words Bobae posted on it. It seemed to contain a large number of wholesale clothing dealers. Does anyone know where this building is located?
  4. My flight arrives at 5:30 AM and by the time I'm through customs and collect baggage, maybe 6:30; Does train run that early?
  5. not sure what "nana FFS" refers to - help me out
  6. Has anyone stayed or is familiar with this apparently new hotel on soi 4? They currently have a very good rate and am considering it for a change of pace.
  7. I would like to give my favorite masseuse a gift of tuition for an English language school in the general Suk area. Any suggestions?
  8. Thanks...looking forward to seeing folks again. It's been too long,,,
  9. It's been over a year since I've been back - Is the "same place" still Bradman's?
  10. I'll be in Bangers for the weekend and would enjoy getting together with board folks who would like to have some fun Friday night. Anyone interested?
  11. I am leery of the massage ladies trying to get to the happy ending when what I really want is a legitimate 2 hour massage. Any recommendations of locations/masseuse who give a quality Thai massage in the Suk area?
  12. Actually live on Kauai which may have what I consider the most beautiful beach in the world - Hanalei Bay. But girlfriend wants to go to beach in Thailand area which , again, is off the beaten path and not loaded with tourists. Thus the request for people familiar with beach destinations in the Thai area.
  13. I used to enjoy the Suan Lum night market versus Chatuchuk (sp?)Are there any new markets that are comparable in Bangkok? In particular, looking for the paper lamp shades that I remember seeing at Suan Lum.
  14. Would like to find a beach/island destination that is not crowded with tourists. Any suggestions welcomed.
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