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  1. LOL a canine! The suggestion was like a bad car wreck...you just had to slow down and look!!!
  2. As long as the Thais are friendly about what they are doing and not aggressive or rude about it then I would not worry a whole lot. This could be just a passing phase. If attitudes on their part turn south then I would be concerned. I am sure our Thai ladies will pick up on if something is amiss and we need to be vigilant. Oddly enough, as retarded as the Philippines can be, I don't ever recall them doing anything like this.
  3. Back to the original topic, I have found that when you have a larger group of guys and gals to work with the "girls pick" works well. I am pretty sure I may have written a TR about this at one point but don't see it anymore. WE had something like 6 guys..ordered 7 girls. The guys voted initially and sent back the least attractive girl with bar money. Then we had speed dating of about one minute per girl. Then the girls were allowed to pick who they wanted to be with starting with the youngest girl. Everybody seemed to be pretty happy except for one guy who broke the rules. Karma is a
  4. The best photo of a handicapped thai dog trying to get some "ass"?
  5. I will agree with Coss on this one. The global economic downturn has affected lots of sites. This is not the only one that has seen reduced traffic. I would consider allowing TR's to post on the main page for awhile before moving them. You may not want to get cozy with FB...they have a habit of violating privacy. If I even got a hint that my privacy was affected I would beat feet.
  6. That dude will be executed, if he does not I will be surprised.
  7. Both systems have major issues but I would gladly choose a free market over an "ism" any day.
  8. Definitely need renters and/or travel insurance. Just too many opportunities for a local national to take advantage of a visitor.
  9. asiafun


    Got a girl now who recently admitted she feels like she has to pee when she comes close to orgasm and locks up..think I may have found another.
  10. asiafun


    Found a girl in Pattaya that was a gusher. Freaked me out as I wasn't expecting it but once I knew it was all good.
  11. While there is the odd interesting bit in Stickman's weekly, I have noticed that his work is not as "eloquent" as it had been a few years back and some parts seem a bit repetitive. The number of adverts is pretty annoying. I do not remember it being so bad. This time around it took me a few minutes to find the actual content amongst the ads. But like he says, there does not seem to be much of an alternative...yet.
  12. Crap i hate it when i hit the wrong reply button....
  13. Buddy of mine went to Patong two years ago and he stated emphatically he hated it.
  14. You typically get google ads based on your browsing history...agent Baron
  15. Took me a few minutes but I just now "got it"...must drink more coffee to wake up
  16. The ones that try hard to get you or the ones that make you beg are the worst in the sack. The quiet ones with the hidden smile are the best. As for the muslims...it does not seem to matter where many of them originate from..the preponderance do seem to treat what they perceive as lower class poorly. I have seen some treat Bangladeshis, Filipinos, Pakis, Indians etc with some level of respect in public but behind closed doors their true attitude comes out. I had a Paki who would come by my office frequently for technical help and on occasion if I moved too quickly he would flinch as
  17. Well someone get in there and give us an update!!!
  18. No cable TV feed in this house. Internet and print only...not that it is much better. If I want TV I have to go to the local fitness club and work out!!!
  19. A microphone, when employed properly, results in far less bruising and can still hurt like the dickens. Next week I will teach you how to cut someone with a soda straw.
  20. This guy rambles too much and is not focused on his questions. If he intends on making a business/living out of the types of interviews, he needs to get his shit together. If he is going to include shots of the surrounding area, he really should not pan away in the middle of the interview. He needs to get those images at a separate time (or utilizing a second cameraman) and then dub them in the final product. He should have also been better mannered when taking the gratuitous ass shots. Again those extra images could have been dubbed into the final product in conjunction with a more formal
  21. I did find a really awesome resto right on the water when I was there. Open air place with great prices, food and service.
  22. I would need to spend a few more weeks in Chiang Mai before I would make a stab at it. The few days I was there were not boring and the cooler air was a welcome relief from the South.
  23. Latest batches of photos don't have the pair snuggling up like in previous sets but that doesn't mean anything. They are both still running the place so things cant be all that bad.
  24. Udon really is a good town to spend time in. Good restos, Has a mall. A booming night market. The nightlife is much better than expected. I have found some knockout ladies there. Laos is just across the river. Decent expat population. Spend a couple weeks at the Royal C Hotel adjacent to the mall. It should not take long to see the goodness.
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