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  1. For more than 30 years the Sun newspaper in the UK has featured a topless girl on page 3. The Sun calls itself a family newspaper. People in Europe have had a much more relaxed attitude to female toplessness. You see topless girls on beaches and at music festivals. But in recent years there has been a campaign against topless models. There is a high profile "No More Page 3" campaign running in the UK. While Rupert Murdoch has not yet ordered the girls to cover up, he has said that having topless girls in a newspaper is "old fashioned".

  2. These are not Shia children. They are children of Shia parents. Such abuse would traumatise any child. I hope they don't grow up to inflict this on their own children. Unfortunately due to the indoctrination and violence that children of Muslim parents receive, they will probably become brutal adults or terrorists.

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  3. My thai wife likes milk, only problem is there are after effects to her drinking milk...

    I believe she is lactose intolerent. Sp?


    Wikipedia says that more than 90% of adults in some Asian countries are genetically lactose intolerant. Fortunately my wife is not lactose intolerant and enjoys drinking very milky coffee.

  4. If indeed they are innocent then it would be in their interest to undergo another DNA test to check everything is transparent and correct in front independent observers.


    The DNA samples taken from the victim were probably contaminated with the DNA of the Burmese men prior to the second test. If the contaminated samples are tested again justice will not be done.

  5. My wife is saving money from her job to buy her own car for cash. She refuses to take on any debts. The only credit card she has is her pre-paid Mastercard which she tops up once a month from her pay. She does this for her mother in Thailand who is a joint card holder.

  6. Abolish road tax and instead tax petrol - much fairer ie. those who use the roads and cause more pollution pay more :cheerleader:

    Trucks use so much diesel that taxing it heavily increases the price of everything in the shops.

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