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  1. I read Stickmans column about how Phuket is becoming too obnoxious for many people to enjoy properly. This kind of resonates for me as I have met many people over the last year, mostly visiting farang couples, who said Samui and Phuket was a let down for them. Enunciating that greedy and harrasing Thai's left a bitter taste in their mouth and the P4P scene is unescapable. With sex tourism really 'in your face' in Bkk, Pattaya and increasingly Samui and Phuket too - is Thailand in risk of alienating the non-sex tourists couples who want peace and quiet? Its so sad to see people going home having not really had a great time here. If people go home with these impressions, don't make no plans to return, what are they going to say to other potential vacationeers? I hope the Thai government is aware that increasingly many tourists feel that Thailand is over-rated. What do other board members think and whats the solution? While banning Katoeys and junk vendors from Phuket may go a long way to rectifying these problems(!!), it ain't gonna happen...
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