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To all you guys that like to write your trip reports and stories of your times in Thailand, and read others'.


KS is having a writing contest, with prizes to be announced as they accumulate. ($100 bucks prize money was donated by yours truly, with some copies of ChuckWoww's book "Losing the Plot" as well donated by CW, and some bottles of booze and other odds and ends (Old Hippy is donating a bottle of Black, I'll be donating a bottle of Jim Beam as well) KS will come up with before the contest is judged.


Entries for the contest are being taken up until the 1st of Sept. We want to have a fun and interesting contest and all are welcome to join in and send in their stories. Please help us make this an interesting and sanuk contest by entering yourself a story. We'd all love to read it. Look in the post "Writing Contest" in "Contests" forums for the rules and have a go at it guys. We are hoping to make this an event a couple times a year for the enjoyment of all here.


So please help us make this a success and get writing! And send your entries into KS as soon as possible. We want as many as we can get.




p.s. I believe the way KS will be selecting the top three stories is by setting up a poll after the entries are all in where you the members will be able to choose your top three picks and select the winners, by title , not author.


p.p.s. Anyone wanting to donate something toward prizes please contact KS and get the donation over to KS before the contest if finished. All donations are appreciated and the donator thanked by all participating.

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