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had 2 sessions with the Deaf and Dumb Girl in the Morning and each was enjoyable with a CIM finish each time........

inbetween we sort of 'chatted' and i got to learn things about her.

using hand gestures and a notepad she had we 'asked' each other questions and i learnt that she was 38 and had been marries at 18 and had 4 Children.

she had left her Husband at 25 and had been in Patong for 7 Years.

while a plain looking Girl she had a nice smile and it rarely left her face.

soon it was time to leave as i had to check-out and catch my flight to BKK.

gave her the required amount and i was rewarded with the Wai and a big kiss on the mouth.

quickly packed and we walked to Reception where i paid my Bill and walked to my waiting Taxi.

it was raining quite hard and i asked her if she wanted a lift to her room,but as much as i tried i couldn't get through to her and i had to leave her standing in the rain as i was driven away with her waving.

still feel a liitle bad about that.


another good Flight on Airasia and arrived in BKK a little early.

collected my bag and just sat outside the Terminal for a while and had a couple of smokes.

i breathed in the BKK air and noticed how hot it was compared to HKT.

couldn't be arsed to haggle with a Taxi and jumped into one who told me 500 and i also gave him the 60 to pay for the Tolls on the Expressway.

very quick journey until we came off the Expressway and onto what i presume was Sukhumvit as it was the only Road we drove down before turning into Soi 4.

when i had first told him i wanted the Nana Hotel he had a frown on his face as he told me there were 2 Nana Hotels,but when i said Soi 4 he smiled and nodded and we chatted away during the journey.


arrived at the Nana and i only had 350 in notes so i gave him a 1000 note and he went to the exchange desk while i checked in.

he handed me back 500 and wished me a pleasant stay in BKK.

had a problem at Check-in,they had no room for me.............

i had booked on-line a couple of Months earlier and showed them the print-out of their confirmation of my booking.

the Girl then explained that my room would not be ready until 7pm and i could have another one (smaller and cheaper) until my original room was ready.

couldn't be bothered to change rooms after a few Hours and asked to look at the room and i would then decide.

after hearing many negative reports about about the rooms in the Nana and i was taken to the 2nd floor and shown the room.

it would do i thought as it was quite large with a lot of sunlight streaming in.


dumped by bags and returned to the Foyer and completed the Check-in.

i didn't return to my room,i just walked out the Hotel and went exploring.

today was a Friday and a Meeting at Gullivers was on the agenda that evening so i went looking for it so that i knew where it was.

easily found it and i saw it across Suk as i walked down the even-numbered side of Suk.

decided to go and have a look for Lolita's as an afternoon BJ would be in order.

tried to remember exactly where it was and in mistake walked down Soi 6 (instead of Soi 8) and eventually found myself back at the Nana........shit.

then thought a look at Edens would be my port of call instead and managed to cross Suk and just took in the sights and smells of BKK.


along Suk were the clothes stalls,little food stalls,the beggars and of course the TG's walking along.

some pretty Girls about and if any were on the look-out for custom they never bothered me.

passed a large group of LB's hanging around one of the corners and thankfully none of them even looked at me.

again made a mistake and walked along Soi 7 (instead of Soi 7/1) and naturally i did not find Eden's.

was feeling frustrated but then i notied the Beergarden and thought why not have a look as i had heard much about the place.


had a surprise as i always imagined it to be an open-air place.

quite a few Bars and not many people around and i just wandered through the place to a Bar at the back and ordered a Beer and just observed.

a sprinkling of Girls in groups chatting away and as far as i could see 3 other Falangs having a Beer.

no-one even looked at me let alone approached me and i was thinking what is all the fuss about,it just seemed a place where the Girls went for a social getogether.

was on the verge of leaving when Lady Luck reared her head,a Girl walked in and sat down about 10 Yards away from me.

she was certainly differant,i like the classic SEA look with the brown skin and long straight Black hair.

she was quite pale and had short hair which had tints of bronze in it,but she was PRETTY.

she was sitting alone without a drink and i finally caught her eye and motioned to her if she would like a drink?.

she smiled and nodded and came and sat beside me.


her name was Bee and 25 and spoke excellent English and it seemed we had known each other for Years.

she never mentioned anything about going with me and after accepting another drink from me i finally asked her if she would like to come back to my Hotel?.

her smile was my answer and after drinking up and paying the Bill we walked hand-in-hand down Suk towards the Nana.

no-one took any notice of us as we walked through the Hotel to the lifts and up to my room.

she immediately undressed as i watched and then helped me out of my clothes and she then led me to the shower.

she soaped me down excellently and paid excellent attention to my groin and i was soon hard and she then started a slow HJ which turned into a little BBBJ as she sank to her knees.

i had to stop her as i knew i would soon explode and wanted to do so in more comfortable surroundings.

i stopped her and washed her exquisite body making sure i concentrated on her rather large firm tits and her perfectly shaven pussy.

as i caressed her she took my finger and inserted it inside her and encouraged me to pump it in and out and little moans escaped from her lips as i chewed on her nipples at the same time.

it was now time for bed...................


the next 3 1/2 Hours were bliss as we just sucked and fucked.

she was soon sucking away and i told her i fancied CIM and she just carried on and took it all when i exploded.

but not a swallower as she got up and went to the bathroom to spit it out,but not that i minded,she had made me very happy.

i returned the favour on her and she was soon soaking between her legs and was holding my head to make sure i did not stop until she orgasmed.

now time for a fuck and for the first time in a Week a Girl asked about a Condom and as always i had one nearby and she placed it upon me and climbed on top and took me all in.

after a while i got on top and she grabbed my arse and demanded "fuck me,fuck me with your big cock"

maybe just words to get me going but she was writhing all over the place and enjoying things.

she then got on all 4's and demended i lick her arsehole as she pushed 2 fingers into her pussy and i had a good view of her fingers working away as she came loudly.

i then gave it to her from behind and knew i was coming and told her i wanted to cum on her face and she got in position and wanked me until i shot all over her face.


while i recovered from the energetic activity breathing heavily she knelt on the bed and just pushed 2 fingers in and out of her pussy and telling me that "i want you hard,i want more fuck".

knew what would do it for me and got her to sit on my face and i licked away and soon i was hard again and she gave me another HJ and produced a condom from her handbag and fucked me again.

i hate coming inside a condom and got her to kneel on the floor and wank me until i shot off over her face again.

3 shots in 90 Minutes was good for me but she was good at extracting my juice but i needed a rest.

we chatted for a while before she went to her handbag and produced a small dildo and started to play with herself again.

she was so horny and her actions done the trick for me as i slowly stroked myself as i watched her and again she got a condom out of her bag and we fucked in numerous positions with her taking the lead.

again she sucked me to completition and i thought this would be the end of our tryst,but no........she wanted more 20 Minutes later.

but by now i was feeling numb down below and during the fuck i had no feelings of completition but thought a nice BBBJ would help.

she sat on the bed and i stood in front of her and she sucked away and a couple of times i had the feelings but could not quite get there and decided i needed to take things into hand.

i grabbed myself and wanked away inches in front of her face and she told me "cum over me" and after a bit of effort i came but by now i was spermed out and hardly anything left my cock.


by now it was time to go as it was time to go to Gullivers.

we showered and i got dressed and then handed over 1000 and she seemed pleased.

as we left the Nana i stopped at the exchange booth next to the entrance to NEP and changed some of my larger notes for smaller ones for the Night ahead.

Bee was still with me and as we parted i gave her another 1000 note and again i got a big kiss.

i know i overpaid by giving a FL 2000 for 3 1/2 Hours of fun but she had been an incredible fuck and i had cum 5 times in that period,she deserved the Money.

i had no idea of what my plans were for the next Day and thought about asking Bee to either meet me in the Beergarden or come to my room and we could do things all over again.

but i didn't and we parted and as things turned out it was a huge mistake.


walked to Gullivers and found the NP Posse straight away and i introduced myself and the first person i spoke to was the MASTER himself...........KS.

had to surpress a smile when his first thought was to have a look at my tattoo's,are they that unique?.

the Night passed as people came and went and so many People that i never chatted to and i apologise for that.

eventually the meeting startin to break up and i tagged along with a Group which was going out on the Town.

learned it was led by Suadum and i know Nervoud Dog and Mr.Pickles were there.

more apologies to all the others who came along and i don't remember their Names.


we walked to the Skytrain and travelled to the nearest stop to Soi 33 and stopped in Dali's

Suadum was obviously well known as he soon had a couple of Girls chatting to him and shooting the breeze,but i admit Dali's was not for me really.

not used to places like this and i was happy when we left and travelled to Cowboy in Taxi's.

we entered Midnite and again Suadum was joined by some Girls and then something happened which made my mouth salivate.

the music started and the Girls just took off their bikini's and danced on the stage NAKED.........

this was basically a first for me after 5 previous trips to LOS.

apart from Flash in Patong i had never seen naked dancers before.

i just admired the bodies of the dancers and espiecally the one who had been chatting to Suadum.

but it was soon time to leave and the Group had got smaller as People dropped out as we travelled around.


Sheba's was the next port of call and agin NAKED Girls and i settled into my seat a little bit away from the stage as a show started.

WOW..WOW..WOW...........lesbian sex was on the agenda and i looked on as i saw pussies being touched and licked,a shame i was too far away to see it properly.

then a Girl was by my side and i don't remember wether she took the iniative or i asked her to join me.

we chatted and as she was good looking i thought maybe she was the Girl for me this Night.

Suadum approached me and said the small group was moving on,but i said i was staying put and he looked at the Girl and said he understood why.

i was left alone with the Girl and we chatted until she had to dance and i told her i had to go somewhere else for a while but would be back for her.

i then walked the few steps to Afterschool next door to Sheba's.


i had heard of this place and decided i needed to investigate.

entered the place and 2 Girls immediately grabbed me and led me to a seat and sat with me and asked for a LD.

i had heard they were aggressive here but i didn't think it would be this bad.

i bought the drinks and soon another Girl approached us and asked for a LD but i declined.

i had 2 Girls on either side of me and we chatted and soon their hands were running over my crotch.

i responded by playing with the tits and slipped a hand into one of the Girls bikini bottoms and i was soon asked if i wanted to visit the'naughty boys corner'?


that was what i was in the Bar for and i let them lead me to the area.

the more forward one undone my trousers and started to caress me and soon i was rock hard.

the 2nd Girl was a bit of a let down as she hardly got involved and barely touched me and just let me kiss her.

but as the 1st one was using her hand i put a hand into each of the Girls bikini bottoms and inserted a finger into their pussies.

i didn't know wether i might have got a BJ if i asked or wether the Girls were available for a fuck in another place,but i wished i had asked as the Girl really concentrating on the HJ was rather cute.

finally the point of no return arrived and i shot my load all over the skirt and top of the Girl who was wanking me.

we returned to the seats and i bought another round of drinks and gave them both 200.

don't know wether this was a good tip but no complaints,but i should have given the one who was unenthuastic less.


returned to Sheba's and looked for the Girl i was chatting to earlier and she was nowhere to be seen.........FUCK.

i had missed my chance and looked around for another 'bedwarmer' for the Night.

chatted to one and she told me she only went S/T and that was no good for me and another one told me that her price was 3000 for the Night........another one rejected.

finally left the Bar and walked to the end of Cowboy and bumped into Suadum who was chatting to a Fella who turned out to be Long Gun.

we had never met but knew each other from various Football Competitions we play on the Internet.

we walked from Cowboy towards the Nana just chatting and when i said i had not found Lolita's or Eden's he soon put me right on the correct Soi's.

as we passed Thermae he asked if i had ever been and when i replied no he suggested we have a look around.

i agreed as i had heard so much about the place and while i liked it LG said it was nothing like it was in it's heyday a few Years earlier.


a few Girls around and i walked around to have a look and see if i could find a Partner for the Night.

i was rejected by every Girl i approached and decided it was time for sleep.....

left Thermae and continued the walk down Suk and heard my name called.......it was my friend from another Forum that i had met in Patong a few Days earlier.

sat down in one of those pavement bars which i have heard about a drink was soon ordered for me.

my friend was with 2 other Members from that particular Forum and i knew them by name and the introductions were made.

soon the party broke up and i continued the walk to Nana.


walked through the parking lot of Nana and noticed a few Girls but everyone i approached just shook their heads.

entered the Foyer and saw a few Girls sitting around and i just sat nearby and waited for them to approach me (as i thought they would) but no Girl wanted me and i sat their very forlorn.

never made it to the Disco as i was fucked and decided to return to my room and sleep.


here i was in BKK at the Nana and after visiting some places where i had heard you cannot fail to pull and i was going to sleep alone.


the Sayjann charm and good looks which work in Patong were obviously not good enough for BKK and i went to bed alone with a heavy heart as i had no-one to cuddle up to..........

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I remember that evening. You should have followed Suadum when he left Sheba's, I met him in the next bar, (The bar with NoName) and great fun was had by all.


I find it hard to believe you didn't find anyone on SukH between Soi 11 and 15, between 1.00 and 3.00 it is absolutely packed, and a wide variety is on offer.


I agree, sleeping alone in BKK is a letdown.

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as you say,many Girls around that area at that time of Night...........but.

in Thermae,along Suk and outside/inside Nana i did approach Girls but none were interested in me and just declined my offer of a bed for the Night.


don't know what the problem was as i thought most of them must have been on the lookout for a Man and a bit of Money.

but as i say the Sayjann looks and charm were probably not good enough to the Girls in BKK compared to those in Patong..........

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see above post for full explanation.


your B & C options did not really apply.

i was merry yes,but not drunk and not at all picky.

i was interested in any Girl but was just turned down.........


option A is right when i sat with the Girl in Sheba's.

i could have BF'd her at the time but it was still early and i wanted to see a bit more of Cowboy which was a place i had never been to before.

you always take the risk of losing the Girl if you do not take her straight away and this was one occasion.

but i did not worry as i thought i had ample chances to find my 'bedwarmer' a little later...........famous last words.

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then again BKK is not the place anymore it used to be.


Even when I was pissed in PTY and needed nothing anymore, i had the chance in the Bahtbus, All alone with a BG that was a looker at least chatted with me during the trip


I stil remember


I ask: No good business to day for you?


She says ; Not really,

I ask and Now you go home?

her answers

if you do not take me with you , then yes,


I hesitated and to drunk ti fuck I say, Sorry , but tonight I am to drunk for sanuk, But tell me weher you work and I will meet you tomorrow, She told (i Forgot) and I leav the bahtbus.


I am sure if I offered 500 she would have come with me and we could have shagged durring the morning ( and then I would have missed my horrible golfing day :) )


BKK is for me such a turn off compared to 12 years ago. Next time I go I will try to find a Looker for a week to go with me for extra sanuk options, Iand I will go to Eden for a Kinky session , but that is it. for sure..

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