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Hi Nongsung,

You might try posting this on a more mainstream board, like the Nation newspaper, who's link I can't find right now.

Also no need to list the age and sex of the student, as that may invite individuals with other motives then just teaching a language.

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Hello Boardmembers,

We are currently trying to get the 18 y.o. daughter of my Thai wife to join us in Belgium for study purposes.

We are not absolutely sure yet about the procedure & timing (have to talk to the Immigration Authorities over here) but my lawyer told me to investigate some things.

A part of the procedure will be that she might be invited to visit Belgium for an interview at one of the Universities over here and then return to Thailand waiting for their decision.

I want her to be prepared as much as she can and one of the things is to improve her Dutch /Flemish as much as possible. She speaks a little Dutch and much better English but all together this might not be enough to pass this interview successfully.

This is why we want to get in touch with a native Dutch speaker (in Bangkok), capable of speaking passable Thai & English with teaching capabilities who is willing and able to help her to improve her Dutch. All together for let?s say for 4 hours a day, 6 days a week, 8 weeks in total.

Of course there will be financial compensation.

We would like to receive some feedback of those who think that they are suitable for this temporary position and inform us about your financial demands.

We are not looking forward to replies like 'I can teach her something else'.

Thanx in advance,


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Are you still looking for someone?

I am Flemish and living in Bangkok. Actually I am in Belgium now, but will go back in one week.

Unfortunately, I have no teaching experience and have no Dutch teaching material.

A few questions : can she read and write English, how good are her conversation skills at the present. If there is some basis, maybe I could build on it.

By the way, I do speak Thai reasonably well (hmm), can read and write the language and understand it quite well, except when a lot of slang is used.

Laat het weten indien ge nog geinteresseerd zijt, ik ben nog in twijfel, maar ik zou kunnen overwegen om het te doen. Vier uur per dag lijkt me een beetje veel evenwel.


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