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2nd Semi-Final.


Mexico 0-Argentina 3.


both Teams were well matched with a few half chances which Argentina seemed to have more but weak or hurried shots made the Goalies from both sides to have a fairly quiet half.

then on the stroke of H/T a clever free-kick from Requelme led to Man Utd's Gabby Heinze scoring.

1-0 H/T.


the Game was up 20 Minutes into the 2nd Half and it was all over.

Tevez played in Messi and he scored with a sublime chip.

he must have been watching Rooney because it was a carbon copy of one that Rooney once scored against Pompey.

but Rooney's was better,from a greater distance and having to beat a Keeper who was 6'5".....much more difficult.


a few Minutes later and Tevez won a rather fortunate Penalty and Requelme scored to make it 3-0.

final result and the Final will be what the purists wanted.......Argentina v Brazil.


my prediction...........Argentina.

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3rd/4th Play-Off.


Mexico 3-Uruguay 1


Uruguay started well and after Mexico had a penalty appeal turned down opened the scoring.

a cross from the Left was headed home after 22 Minutes.

but after 36 Minutes Mexico were awarded a pretty dubious penalty and also the Defender shown a straight Red.

1-1 at H/T and Mexico looking good for the 2nd Half playing with an extra Man.


Mexico proved the stronger and 2 further Goals ensured a 3-1 win for Mexico and 3rd Place.



Brazil 3-Argentina 0


Argentina were favourites and had been playing the better Football all Tournament.

but Brazil shocked their rivals by taking the lead after 4 Minutes.

Robinho chased a long ball and with no support from Team-mates curled in a shot from wide left.

within 4 Minutes Requelme has shook the post with a ferocious shot.


Argentina played the more attacking Football with Brazil happy to flood the Midfield and Defence knowing they had the advantage of a Goal lead.

Requelme then forced a fine save from the Argie Goalie before disaster struck Argentina 5 Minutes before H/T.

Brazil finally attacked with a move which had Players running into the box waiting for the cross and when it came it was a good one.

perfect ball and Ayala turned the ball into his own net to make it 2-0 Brazil at H/T.


Brazil were happy to defend and attempt breakaways in the 2nd Half but Argentina were poor in attack.

on one such breakaway a perfect pass by Vagner Love put in a Team-mate and the ball was smashed into the net.

Messi had a late Goal disallowed for Offside,wrongly in my opinion.


when it mattered the 'stars' of Argentina,Requelme and Messi suddenly disappeared.

they were very poor and their tactics were poor.

free-kicks and corners lacked any thought and easily defended by Brazil.


Brazil were still a poor Team IMO but rode their luck a little during the Tournament and came through in the most important Game.


so Brazil win the the Tournament for the 4 time in 5 Tournaments.

and a bonus was 86 Goals in 26 Games......... :thumbup:

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:o my mistake.

Baptista scored the 1st Goal.


and a special thank-you to the cameramen who took time to forget the Game sometimes and focus on some fine fillies in the crowd.......... :thumbup: :yay:

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