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New Year Sales

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Hi all,

There are some bargins to be had now in Asoke Plaza.

Forget paying 2k baht long time in Soi Cowboy, I just had a fantastic fuck with a girl from one of the beer bars who had a quiet new years eve and was fuckin gaggin for some action.

Get yer tounge down her throat and if she tweaks the old nips with one hand whilst she' s giving you a pull with the other, get her backto your room pronto.

Any bird that's had her hand down the shreddies wants it big time.

Happy New years was fuckin shite for me as the go go girl had a what am I doing turn and getting the legs apart was not easy.

She ended up having a sob and I ended up having a wank which was a bit of a pisser as I had spent the best part of 2k in her bar.

Anyway having a wank in Thailand is better than having one in England as there is always the hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

I gave up hope in England a long time ago.

Best wishes to all


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