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Molam music


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Hello Hello,


I am coming to BKK at the end of the next month. I love Molam music, which is from Laos and the Isaan part of Thailand.


(There is a great video of the Phi Ta Khon festival which features this music. I understand it is around the 4th of July this year, but I can't make it this time.)


Are there any clubs in BKK where you can hear this music? Where it is the regular thing.





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Issan Tawan Daeng (www.afana.org/tawan.htm) is the best known Morlam venue in Bangkok. Open nightly and very farang friendly, it is on Soi Patanakhan about 1k past the intersection with Sukhumvit soi 71. (Patanakhan is an extension of Petchabury rd. after it crosses '71) It is about a 20 minute, 80baht cab ride from the Nana area. It's a good idea to make sure your driver knows where it is: most do.


They usually have about 20 to 30 singers: male, female and some in between and a shapely chorus line of dancers. The large band is amplified (Very, bring a bit of cotton for your ears) but uses a lot of traditional instruments. The place really rocks after 11pm but if you want a decent table you should get there before 9:30pm.

They serve Lao food but is is only so-so. Drinks are Thai style: large bottles of beer or bottles of liquor and mixers; no individual mixed drinks.

There are always taxi's out front to go home.


Do not let your taxi driver confuse it with GERMAN TAWAN DAENG, a huge beergarden on Rama 3 or another TAWAN DAENG in Ratchada.



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