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Chao Phaya 2 and Thaksin

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You seem to have decided to pick a fight with a "regular" to this board, and invoked the wrath of other "regulars."

Yes there is such a thing as racism.

Yes there is such a thing as stereotyping.

Unfortunately for you, there are also cultural realities. Thais in general love fish sauce. They also love sanuk. Chinese-Thais dominate the business world in the LOS.

If you want to debate these facts, good luck.

I have been exposed to ethnically Chinese Thais, Cambodian-Thais, and pure Thais. It is not surprising to find out that Chinese-Thais retain much of their Chinese heritage.

My Chinese-Thai in-laws had Thai, Chinese, and Western wedding ceremonies recently for one of the kids. It was important to them to honor all three cultures.

My wife's Chinese-Thai cousin is very wealthy. Far wealthier than the pure Thai branch of the family of which my wife's immediate family belong.

Culturally, it is normal for my wealthy Chinese-Thai cousin-in-law to invite me to a boy?s only trip to Chiang Mai for some sanuking on his tab.

Culturally it is normal for him to have two wives, a mia noi and a mia luang.

I think you might want to take a class in sociology. Then you might understand the difference between racism and cultural idiosyncrasies.

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