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Cheap Escorts In Kl

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Stumbled on this old article from 2007 - dont know if these girls are still around. I suspect that this was a nice 'bait-and-switch' angle in a very competitive industry. I dont know anyone who will stay overnight in your hotel for the equivalent of a thousand baht - not in KL, where the Fili girls routinely ask for 300MYR and pout when you haggle. That was the asking price when I first visited KL in 2008, so the numbers below dont add up for November, 2007. I guess it gave these young women the option of saying 'no way, man !' if she spends a few hours with a client and decides she'd rather go home with a hundred MYR than endure 8 hours of trying to breathe underneath a fat Bule. Of course, nothing in the article says she can leave the room if you spend 8 hours humping someone else ! That's really earning your rent, sweetheart.


Seriously, how many women would go to a guy's hotel room for 'light petting' then tell him there wasn't going to be any sex ? Get the customer worked up then start talking 'extras' - nothing new here.


Harian Metro has reported that there are girls in Kuala Lumpur providing cheap social escort services to men for movies and sightseeing. The service includes spending time with their customers in the hotel room engaging in light petting but excluding actual sex.


These girls apparently meet their customers through friends or through online social networking sites.


The Harian Metro reporter interviewed a 22 year old girl called Farah who claimed she got involved in this "profession" by accident. She charges RM100 for 12 hours - overnight stay with her customer at a hotel. In this particular case, from 8pm to 8am the next day.


She met the reporter at a the lobby of a hotel at Jalan Sultan Ismail. She wore a pair of jeans and a tight fitting T-Shirt.


Farah admits that she likes foreign films and expensive cars; he favorite cars include the Honda Civic Hybrid, the Audi Q7 and the BMW X5.


Source: http://themalaysianlife.blogspot.com.au/2007_11_01_archive.html


And from the same source, with the price for sex looking a lot closer to what I remember


Harian Metro has reported that in Penang gamblers and sex addicts could indulge in thier "habits" for as little as RM60 on a luxury cruise ship.


The cruise ship which operates from Penang port providing entertainment for 11 hours departing twice daily for an "Island Trip".


According to the report part of the entertainment on the ship involves gambling in the casino and prostitution. A 45 minute massage costs RM66. It is reported that the massage parlour is mended staffed by four Thai women in their 20s who also offer sexual services in addition to the massage for between RM150 hingga and RM200.


It is also rumoured that "strip shows" were held on certain night if not "sexy dance shows".


Pessangers can rent rooms on the ship for RM60 for the whole trip.

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