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Restaurant Recommendations In Pattaya

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Was down in Jomtien and spent some time with friends in Pattaya the past few days. We decided to try something different than your usual fare and on a recommendation of a friend who lives down that way first tried an Indian food restaurant. Bombay Palace was the first night's choice. On Walking Street on the left from the beach road entrance end (almost directly across from the big Seafood restaurant. Good service, nicely appointed place, good AC and clean and pleasant. The food was very good, I had a chicken curry, Madras, medium heat, with garlic Naan bread. Friends had the chicken korma and another style of Naan bread that looked nice and tasty. The basmati rice was delicious and went well with the curry over it! Well done. and I would definitely eat there again. Reasonable prices for the main dishes: 200 to 300 baht.


The next night we tried another place that was recommended. As none of us (4 of us) had never tried Russian fare we took the recommendation of same said friend who lives down there and took to the Walking Street once again. All the way down the far end of Walking Street past the X-Zone, left hand side. The restaurant was named Rasputin. Very nicely set up, good AC, a good view of the street crowds, excellent service with a Russian lass as waitress. Her English was fine and she was friendly and cheerful. 2 of us had the 'genuine' Russian Dumplings. Brown bread (ask for butter if wanted as it does cost a little extra and does not come with your bread if not asked for), I was disappointed they had no Russian beer, but the Carlsberg on offer went down well enough. I really enjoyed the 'genuine' Russian Dumplings. Quite tasty, with herbs and spices and pork meatballs inside. Not a huge meal, but it sufficed as we were going to a bar with a free food night and didn't need to stuff ourselves. The other 2 friends with us enjoyed their meal as well.


I would definitely bring others there to dine, and would go back myself to try other dishes on their menu. Priced reasonably at 200-300 baht a main dish. A nice introduction to Russian fare that will be continued on occasion when I am down that way.


Just passing along my experience. I am not a big fan of Walking Street, but there are some decent restaurants there to choose from, and plenty of bars to drink in for sure. One bad experience (if you could call it that) was stopping in to the What's Up A-gogo. A small Tiger beer was charged at 165 baht, a Sangsom and coke was 185 baht, and a friend and his wife had a Coke and a water which totaled 310 baht! WTF! Over 10 bucks for a water and a Coke! Never again. Nice looking girls, but the prices were a bit much. I saw the average for a small beer was around 140 baht. I'll avoid What's Up in the future.


Strange seeing all the grannies and kids and families walking about the Walking Street late at night.

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