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Coup Declared

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Richard Barrow â€@RichardBarrow 7m

6:35pm International news channels like BBC & CNN were very briefly back on air in #Thailand but they have all been blocked again


Tulip Naksompop â€@Tulip_Oum 11m

6:2PM UNCONFIRMED report of Yingluck taken to Calvary center in Saraburi.-@thapanee3miti


the grugq â€@thegrugq 27m

“@noithamma: Anti coup Protester lies down in front of soldiers. pic.twitter.com/CVAxjBl1uJâ€

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Gabrielle Paluch @Fishinabucket · 57m


Anti-coup protestors getting in scuffles on street in front of BACC


Gabrielle Paluch @Fishinabucket · 38m


Military take ID, information from anti coup protester after scuffle between red and yellow sympathisers


Gabrielle Paluch @Fishinabucket · 17m


Student anti coup protester Pi Chart getting arrested and schlepped away by army


Gabrielle Paluch @Fishinabucket · 12m


Another arrest dragged across ground and then kicked by soldier in front of my eyes at BACC


Gabrielle Paluch @Fishinabucket · 9m


Military have had it and are clearing the area in front of BACC. They weren't being very nice.


Gabrielle Paluch @Fishinabucket · 5m


Ok well now the guy they dragged and kicked is in a hummer behind this guy and he doesn't look very happy

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Gabrielle Paluch @Fishinabucket · 37s

Street at BACC officially cleared. Wound up on wrong side of military line, oops. #ThaiCoup at least 3 arrested



Zashnain Zainal â€@bedlamfury 2m

RT @jonmarsk: 1923: Army pointing water cannon on fire engine at protesters near MBK #thaicoup pic.twitter.com/IQm6EEbOPF


Richard Barrow â€@RichardBarrow 1m

None of these images of the protest will be on the army controlled news tonight. But they are spreading on social media


My answer to Richard Barrow:

@RichardBarrow Which will make the possibility of a social media or internet block more likely

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raul gallego abellan â€@raulgaab 6m

Protesters left. Army advanced until MBK intersection detaining two protesters and making a show of force loading their weapons.


georgehenton â€@georgehenton 5m

Army have now cleared to the junction under BTS National Stadium - at least three protestors taken away. #bangkok pic.twitter.com/0NgFl5R7Zc


Richard Barrow â€@RichardBarrow 25s

Images of people protesting on social media will encourage more to join next time. They aim to meet again tomorrow at 5pm at BACC

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Audi Khalid â€@AudiKhalid 4m

Butt censor. RT @ChannelNewsAsia: #THAICOUP: Army arrests man trying to start a fight with them near MBK link bridge pic.twitter.com/lguoGYj21n


Jon â€@jonmarsk 27m

This is going to be very bad. I could see the fear in the young soldiers faces at mbkskywalk


Richard Barrow â€@RichardBarrow 3m

8:15pm Armed soldiers on the Skywalk between MBK & Siam telling people to go home (Pic @noithamma) pic.twitter.com/9xg4VIa8X7

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Situation still seems tense in MBK intersection area. Though military seems to have it under control. Twitter is really great in these situations with many people reporting what they see (not always 100% the truth but still after some time it is easy to not the regular bullshitters from the reliable ones!)


Tulip Naksompop â€@Tulip_Oum 5m

6:30PM 4 former ministers reported to NPOMC earlier today were released; Saruang, Yanyong, Pong and Benja.-@js100radio


O.Nuri KULAHCIOGLU â€@SiniZeR 36m

20:02 soldiers are not allow people to use over pass #ThaiCoup | Asker metro girislerini tuttu pic.twitter.com/AyvGtfwA5d


noi thamma â€@noithamma 8m

5 #anti coup protesters have been detained, taken away, one of them a woman and d editor of Fa Diew Gan magazine. : @prachatai


John Le Fevre â€@photo_journ 45s

Awesome. TrueVisions pumping out the same low-grade Channel 5 soap on all channels

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