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Found 1 result

  1. Nebsy was already at the bar when I arrived, that peeving bastard. He was always asking after that Laotian whiskey the pretentious cunt, when they didn't have it, he'd fake sigh and say well he just would have to settle for an apéritif, for all the world as if some ageing mumasan who spoke laos in such a broad dialect her cousins from the next village confessed to finding it rather difficult to understand her would understand such a request. I'd read Bangkok Days as well you cunt I think as I walk in sizing up the place. Luckily he had one of those fruity white spirited cocktails already, and I was spared all that trauma. I mean some people really take liberties, don't you know? Alright Boz he says, then kind of farted out of his lips in that way of his, ye certainly tied one on last night ya fucking cunt! This was completely untrue, but you can't show one hint of annoyance because it's just a red flag to cunts like this. Nebs I says, kind of demolishing the syllable, it was the first actual word I'd said the day, and the realization made my stomach rise to my throat - that fucking cunt! He looks me up and down, then picks up his reading glasses and pretends to read something from the newspaper he pretentiously carries everywhere - always the Nation. Puts down the glasses then deigns to acknowledge me again: seen Dempsey? Yeah I had, but didn't tell this pleb I'd seen him last night. Didn't look too pleased, since he married that girl from Myanmar, Burma I mind him saying. She didn't even have an ID card, was in fact stateless, he'd kind of adopted her, took her to England the way some people pick up a souvenir, he just paid a lot of money that's all - but if you knew Dempsey, it was no act of charity, the sick cunt. Still he was my best friend, a throwback to an age that perhaps never existed where the understated and style was important. You could ask him anything and he would give you the low down effortlessly. He was my entree to Thai society, or what he loved to call, the excuse for it. I once asked Demps why the Japanese paid the girls more, and he looked at me like a true ignoramus - because they fuck them more! when I said I think that was rubbish, he kind of stared me down - You like fanny don't you? Why can't they like cock? The Japanese have got this eye of the tiger going, it's like they don't even fucking enjoy it, except when they back in the bar drinking a single malt pondering how they fucked a girl every which way but loose for about six hours, popping four or more times at least. The girls are just shag happy, what's wrong with the world? Eh? Anyhow I tell Nebs, nah I haven't seen Dempsey in yonks, but then he walks casually in the bar - and he's with her. To be continued...
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