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Nokia 8850 problems -- help?


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I recently bought a Nokia 8850. Got it (without SIM card) from one of the little booths in MBK. It's apparently a proper AIS phone, has all the stickers, etc. I popped my SIM card from my old 3210 in there and was off and running.

The 3210 was always rock solid. Never had a problem and sound quality was excellent. (So why replace it with an 8850, you might ask? The 3210 was too big to fit comfortably in my front pocket, and I was always missing calls with it stuck in my back pocket -- couldn't hear the ring or feel the vibrations when walking down the street or whereever. But this post is not meant to debate the relative merits of these 2 phones.)

The 8850 periodically locks up solid -- clock stops, even the power button doesn't work. When someone tries to call they get diverted to voice mail. Have to pop out the battery to reset it. Also, there's a lot of what sounds like digital transmission noice -- buzzes and clicks. Not consistent and not particularly intrusive, but noticeable and annoying.

The phone was manufactured in April 2001 so it's really up to date with firmware, etc.

Does anyone have any experience or advice on these two things? I assume that getting through to a real person at a Nokia office in Thailand is a non-starter. And I can't even remember which stall I bought the phone from and in any case I'm sure that would be less than helpful too.

Am I just stuck with a lemon or does these problems plague all of the higher-end Nokia models? It seems unlikely that this would be a problem specific to my instance of the 8850...

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No receipt? I think that you are stuffed mate. frown.gif" border="0

Nokia would probably change the phone if you could prove purchase date.

You r right about the 3210, the 3310 is even better and smaller. More features too.

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