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Internet site problem


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I have an internet problem which is driving me insane.

About a week ago I somehow found my way into a Swedish portal site (I investigated because I started to get traffic from that site)

The site is totally in Swedish and I may have clicked on a wrong button but the Swedish site has now become my default home page. Not only that but there is a telephone icon on my bottom toolbar.

I just cannot get rid of this site as my default home page - I change it to Yahoo.com in the internet options screen, but when I shut down my computer and start it up the following day the Swedish portal site is back again as the default.

As for the toolbar telephone icon, I can't right-click on it, left-click on it or anything - the bloody thing won't go.

I've searched my files and removed it that way but IT'S STILL ON MY COMPUTER !!!!


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You have a vb script by the sounds of it. Gohip.com did a similar thing sometime ago but they now provide a program to remove the script.

I have searched high and low to try and find you a fix.

I doubt the gohip one would work but I don't think it will harm. The gohip site no longer does the unwanted bookmarking thing so it is safe to visit.

gohip.com and the go to customer services and you will find instructions to remove their browser enhancement as they call it.

Post the name of the site or pm it to me and I will try and search out a fix for you.

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Sounds like you have a computer virus.

Update and then run your computer anti virus program. If you don't have one with free updates I recommend Norton's.

If this doesn't work I would format and reinstall windows.

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The collapse of International link ( Thaicom ) service provided by Shinawatra Satellite Public Company Limited might be causing your problem.. International links are really slow expecially at peek times.. I can not get any speed on 2 of my isp. Pain in the ass. That is why I am surfing the net at 1:30 am on a friday instead of the horizontal surf. hehe

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No as you will have entries in your registry. The vb script exploits the activex capabilities in IE. You do not even need to click anything merely visiting the page can bookmark your browser.

If you don't wish to say which site it is try a Yahoo search of activex browser changes and try adding also the site name.

This works with the gohip problem and provides a remover. Be careful though what you download. When gohip first admitted what they were doing there were a few fixing programs released that were virii and one that just removed gohip and inserted his own site as the bookmark.

Also check your email, you may find that has been altered also and you are now promoting this site in every email if you use outlook express.

As a final soloution I would look in your registry. If you have never done this before I would probably not start now though as it is easy to mess it up.

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