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VCD Players


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Can anyone tell me whether it is common practise for hotels to provide VCD players? If not any particular hotel provides this service and is it FOC?

I plan to take out an Eden gal for LT and I want to make such I have the right equipment avaiable to assist me especially in fresh ideas.

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Don't know if this helps but Grand President has VCR in room which I used to great advantage.My B/G actually wanted to practice some of the positions shown in our video tape!!Fantastic!!!!

Otherwise you might consider buying a VCD machine and fixing to the hotel TV. I got a machine at Mah Boon Krong for 2000baht which

is not bad considering you get to take the machine with you. The Eden girl will probably set you back 3900baht and you don't get to keep her!!!!

Cheers Hall

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