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    Indeed 😀 My mum was offered it when I was brewing but she'd had my sister a few years before so knew how to handle the symptoms. Never been one for meds meself either.
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    He is extremely lucky that other westerner intervened. It just shows the arrogance of this guy - 200 baht!!! Just pay it and move on. Look I know not all Americans are like this, they are usually very generous people, but this guy is giving Americans a very bad name. Jesus Christ!!! Welching on a debt of 200 frigging baht! And then criminally assaulting a staff member. I hope he rots in jail. It will give him a new perspective on life. And he should thank the westerner you stepped in to protect his stupid arse.
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    There is something uniquely entertaining in watching 2 Falangs brawling over a Thai girl who has kept her options open and made up a story about 1 of them to protect her own back. Better still is when everyone's mates get involved and gang warfare erupts.