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  1. Bjon, it appears your post on the 2nd page was edited and the reference to the post 2 years ago removed. I also found it unfortunately ironic that JS opened a post in 2005 asking about the prevalence of HIV only to now report a positive blood test. JS, my condolences for the bad news, and best wishes for better medical news with subsequent tests.
  2. Polly has been staying in Yasothon the past year. Last week she phones me and says she is coming to Bkk and wants to meet me. She came, she conquered, and I am out of commission for a few days. (Is 'sprained dick' a proper medical diagnosis?) Had to turn her loose. Polly told me she had been farming (hard for me to believe), but skin seemed darker and hands a bit rougher. She wanted to come to Bkk for some money and fun before returning to Yaso. She might end up back at Rawhide as I doubt the Noname Bar wants her back.
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