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  1. Hey folks, hows things? Just saw this thread the other day, its nice to see people still come back to this thread. Well, still alive, I have stopped posting on most forums these days, I did'nt stop posting due to the diagnosis or anything, it was just coincidence. Just was finding that my productivity levels were fallen through the floor and been working online a lot, so needed to focus, without logging into a forum every 5 minutes, as fun as it is. As MM said 3 years since that last post, could'nt help laughing at Chelseafans reply, very funny, but the sentiment is appreciated, I kno
  2. When kissing a girl you are most likely passing and mixing saliva, just wondering whats the difference from putting it on the genitals...? I ve never done it of course, but is it any different from saliva from a blowjob or kissing?
  3. Here is the answer to that query Steve http://www.thebody.com/Forums/AIDS/Resistance/Archive/drug/Q179128.html
  4. pls do Steve. As a side note, with a little bit of humour. In the waiting room at the clinic the day I was waiting for my results, two of the most inappropriate songs came on that could, on the radio. Its like something out of a sitcom Number 1-Queen (Freddie Mercury)Dont stop me now Number 2-Marvin Gaye-Sexual Healing... I knew my number was up when those songs came on,lol. It was a sign,lol. cheers
  5. Hi Steve, sounds great man! Can you get tickets ok? If not let me know, and I can get you tickets for whatever game at Ashburton Let me know the game and I ll try and go myself. I havent been making proper use of my membership in the last couple of years.
  6. Hi Steve, I tested positive for HIV on July 9th I think it was. At that point I didnt have any blood tests for Cd4 or viral load until 2weeks later. I think you are a little bit confused about testing positive and viral load. An undetectable viral load doesnt mean you wont test positive for HIV. The test, tests for the HIv antibody which showed up on my test. So I had HIV. Confirmed. Then 2 weeks later I got my bloods done for cd4 and viral load. This was my first results. You are worng in saying that its impossible to have undetectable viral load without meds. Thats not correct
  7. Thanks CS and Fezman, I m doing great by the way. Feeling happy and positive about everything. My viral load came back undetectable and my CD4 is 810, so I m healthy as can be.
  8. I would extend that even to general lots of the public also. Many people think that you will get HIV almost certainly if you sleep with someone who has it. Thank God thats not the case.
  9. I agree. The transmission rate of 1 in 2000 for a man through heterosexual sex is an average. That range can be anything from 1 in 10 to 1 in 20000. If you come into contact with someone who has been infected in the last few months then transmission is quite possible. On the other hand if someone with HIV has undetectable viral load or very low viral load in their blood the likelyhood of transmission is then quite low...of course if you have NSU, ghonherrea,chancroid, sores, thinning skin and you come into contact with someone who is in acute phase of infection then the odds can be as low as 1
  10. I believe the HIV test to be 100% accurate. At least the doc told me that. Its clerical and admin errors which give false postives...then again it depends on the type of test used. The ones used in the big hospitals I would say are accurate 100%? 3 months is the recommended testing window. Most docs dont recommend another test at 6 months. Its quite rare to seroconvert after 3 months...
  11. LOL,yep, its funny that you think that a HIV+ person would be insulted by what you say. The saddest thing is that you waste your time posting...you must live a pretty unfulling life. I think people who test positive, and even anyone with any problems would care for your thoughts or feel insulted. People are made of stronger stuff that you give them credit for. But then again , you appear to give no credit to any of the posters on here or the human race in general...goodluck in your life, and stay safe.
  12. Well Pigland, I m glad the answer is so obvious to you...maybe you could be a psychologist after all...however if you are looking for one dont spend your time looking under "c" in the yellow pages, cos as you can see it starts with a "p", in case you didnt know that... And also, I trust that people on here are bein very sincere, and its great. I would love to have a beer or two with some guys on here. It might surprise you, but I do think I have the same opportunities, and actually I think I will find more meaningful relationships now than before. Also, as hard as you may find this to
  13. Certainly no offense taken Mike...The original point of me posting this was a warning. I didnt know what reaction I would get...but I have to say that 99% of the people here have been great...and the words of encouragement have been overwhelming. Ok, on to your questions... 1. Are you circumcised? [color:red]I m not circumcised. Fully hooded.[/color] 2. Are you sure the person you caught it from is a freelancer? I m not 100% sure, but I would be pretty sure I got it from someone that would go to Soi 7 Beergarden type, or the girl you would find after 2 am on Sukhu
  14. Pigland, I m not at all insulted by your comments, number one reason being that you arent being insensitive on purpose. I think you are just plain ignorant...and it is insulting to anyone living with this disease. I really hope you never get this disease...because I really believe you couldnt mentally cope with that kind of news. Your posting would suggest that. It doesnt change who you are...you must still be living in the 1980s. Someone can still love someone with HIV. Your comments suggest that you have no real depth in any of your relationships and you have a poor view of the human
  15. Hi GTG, thanks for your reply. She is in China at the moment. She will be back next week. I will tell her then. She doesnt know about my status yet...I m more worried about her than myself...but of course if she does test positive, I will get her the best treatment and give her all my support. We havent really been together for the last 18 months...but she is isnt with anyone else. That I m pretty sure about. Our relationship was under alot of strain before this happened anyway...but I m not going to leave her high and dry. She didnt get sick after me with any ARS,so this gives her some
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