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  1. Eusebio dies age 71. A great loss for the footballing world. RIP.
  2. My thoughts I think Keane was the slightly better leader and Vieira the slightly better footballer. Two greats tho.
  3. Nice vid, Boo. Enjoyed it.
  4. Nice to see v.Persie getting his goal. I'm sure those Arsenal fans trying to unsettle him for this game aren't to pleased about it. v.Persie served them for 8 years I think he deserves more respect. That's my opinion. Villa doing better as the season progresses so I'm feeling good WC play-off Portugal - Sweden. Looking forward to the upcoming ties.
  5. Arsenal have definitely been the most consistent performers out there. An Arsenal in form is a headache to any opponent no doubt but they've been lacking that killer instinct in recent years. A champion grinds out results regardless so I'm curious to see how this team copes with, what will eventually come across any team, a poorer run of form. Wenger proved his critics wrong but I still do feel he needs to bring in an extra striker in January.
  6. Congrats to the Arsenal lads. Deservedly leading the charts.
  7. You're right Limbo. Eventho it's just the League Cup no one likes losing big. Still it'd be a nice cup for Villa and sure I'd like us to win something but imo priority this season should be getting some decent results in the league and play on a more consistent level and get a top-10 spot come end of season. I'd be delighted with that. The home loss to Newcastle shows we've got a long way to go tho.
  8. City were impressive. Team to beat imo. Main difference this season is going to be Aguero and Yaya. Man U without v. Persie and a creative midfielder they should've brought in last transfer window I think it's gonna cost them. Fabregas or Ozil or someone of that calibre is what United needed and I think Moyes is going to be reminded of that for the coming months. Arsenal doing better than I expected. Kuddos to them and Liverpool starting to show signs of inconsistency as usual. Villa doing ok getting an away win and 3 welcome points. Bummer Benteke being out for a month up.
  9. He failed in his attempts to get Suarez and Higuain but why stop there? I'm sure he could've bought a top striker for the money he spent on Ozil. Eto'o despite his age would probably do more than OK even if it were for just 1 season. Wenger isn't a risk-taker tho and I guess they are unwilling to give him a massive salary. hahahahaha!!
  10. I hope you're right. Kagawa would definitely make the team if he plays at his best but my guess he's been too inconsistent lately. Rooney doesn't seem to want to play as AM behind v.Persie but with the 2014 WC in mind he may want to do what's best for the team and ultimately best for him, as many minutes on the pitch as possible.
  11. A Kagawa in form would definitely solve that creativivity problem, Mekong. I do like Moyes but it just looks quite poor persistently hunting for players and failing on numerous ocassions and ending up with Fellaini seconds before deadline. Obviously he can't repeat often enough how much faith he's got in the current squad. Sure Man U have a good squad and still capable of retaining the title but there's no doubt in my mind he left a nice chunk of the players and fans thinking WTF??? Not what you call a confidence boost. I feel they'd have been better off not buying anyone. A 1st pick player or none at all would be a better message. Your opinion Mekong.. would you have preffered no signing at all?
  12. Mekong, I bet you wish you'd gotten Ozil instead. Seemed like a good fit. Limbo, they say old dogs can't learn new tricks.. Wenger tricked us good.
  13. Anyone else here enjoying the Di Canio press conferences? hehehe! funny to see him trying to control his anger when his team fails yet again "pathetic goals" hehehe obviously he put himself under pressure by buying nearly a whole squad.
  14. I think Fellaini *may* do OK but sure is overpriced geez. Ozil to Arsenal, wow, bet the Arsenal fans are delighted with this one. Being so thin on forwards wouldn't surprise me if Wenger is going stuff midfield with 5 or even 6 players. Like we've seen a couple teams doing and most recently Chelsea with no striker but 1-2 att mid. instead. Didn't seem to work out so well tho. Tricky tho imo to hope Giroud stays in his top form (which means decent level tops) AND injury free. Risky business. In all I think this transfer deadline bullshit is so silly. These managers should've done their business WAY earlier. If players or teams don't comply fekk'em and get others who *are* delighted by the prospect of you signing them.
  15. Bayern don't look as dominant as last season (yet).. but the serious games don't start until next year so quite a few teams with new players/managers have plenty of time to gel. I think Neymar will do well at Barca scoring goals and taking some of the pressure (not that it seems to bother him tho) and attention (think space) off of Messi. My money.. as Mekong all the 50 Baht my wife allows me to.. is on Barca. Hope Moyes' men prove me wrong tho
  16. Political Values Radicalism 77.5 Socialism 43.75 Tenderness 43.75 These scores indicate that you are a moderate progressive; this is the political profile one might associate with a university professor. It appears that you are skeptical towards religion, and have a pragmatic attitude towards humanity in general. Your attitudes towards economics appear neither committedly capitalist nor socialist, and combined with your social attitudes this creates the picture of someone who would generally be described as a political centrist. To round out the picture you appear to be, political preference aside, an idealist with few strong opinions.
  17. http://soccerlens.co...ed-clubs/50035/ The football debt league – top 10 most indebted clubs 1. ManchesterUnited..........£716m 2. Chelsea............................£701m 3. Valencia...........................£501m 4. Liverpool.........................£351m 5. Real Madrid.....................£296m 6. FC Barcelona..................£273m 7. AS Roma..........................£271m 8. Schalke 04......................£234m 9. Arsenal...........................£203m 10. Fulham..........................£198m Moronic! Don't get me wrong.. clubs can and should invest like any other business, new stadium perhaps or improve training facilities for example. But in DUMMIE language if I owe Limbo 1.000 Baht I'm obviously not going to stop eating until I get him back his cash + interest (TX for the friendly rate but I'm also not going to dine in a yacht followed by a soapie for desert (altho it sounds irresistble damn!!) Refering to Madrid of course and the ongoing Bale drama. They could learn from the Dutch. http://fullcontactla...ation-football/
  18. I love you Steve but I couldn't disagree more. See it this way.. fuck the press and shift your anger towards the manager for not insisting and correcting such disgraceful behavior. Bolton are known to play a more physical game since that's their strength. They are no match to outclass a top side so they try to push the boundaries within limits. If you disagree blame it on bad refereeing. You can't be serious blaming Ferguson for your loss to Bolton. Come on, Steve. I too miss the likes of Adams and Keown.
  19. A good read about UEFA's seeding system. There's IMO so many flaws I dunno where to start. I really do miss the old system, I just think teams who finish 4th (or 2nd or 3rd for that matter) in their domestic league having a chance to become European Champions is such a farce. Moronic. Come back EC I, II and Uefa Cup, I MISS YOU!!!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/23680545
  20. My point exactly Mekong, those who *believe* it only happens against their team or in favor of a certain team they coincidentally happen to dislike, I chuckle when I read their comments
  21. Mekong, Those who have accused anyone or any team of being shown favoritism are idiots. Plain and simple. Call it inconsistency, downside of forever adjusting the rules (where's the thin line now for fcuk's sake?!?) or just bad refereeing, but idiots insinuating a ref is deliberately making a wrong call because they favor such and such?? Bullshit. Call me naive or idealistic but imho it's either a (mis)interpretation of the rules or a bad call. I love football and I hate bad calls. But I have come to accept it since I started following the sport.
  22. Best goal in my book ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXJGgikWdhQ
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