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  1. Hi, "Sinovac also costs at least four times more than AstraZeneca." I think we can all guess where a big part of that expense is for, and why the Thai gov prefers to deal with China instead of the West. Sanuk!
  2. Hi, “We’re all right Jack, Fuck the Peasants” Unfortunately that seems to be the going mindset for the rich and powerful in this country Also note that 100% of 'Other officials' have received a dose, a larger percentage than even medical personnel. Shows where their priorities are. Sanuk!
  3. Hi, "the Thai government should buy trainloads of their Sinovac vaccines, it is good enough to block off the worst as long as they cannot get anything better in volume." Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the case. Effective protection drops by 50% every 40 days or so apparently, meaning that it is pretty much useless in a short amount of time. Also several medical personnel who received 2 doses of Sinovac have still gotten Covid, with one nurse dying of it. >People who insist on not being vaccinated should be paying for hospital treatment themselves if they catch the Covid.
  4. Hi, If only they'd put as much effort into actually trying to catch Boss. Sanuk!
  5. Hi, Wanna bet that 99% of them are male Sanuk!
  6. Hi, "There is a lot of Anti Government feeling in Thailand" Yes, that is what I am seeing/hearing as well. I recently heard "The PM should resign over this covid debacle" from someone who usually doesn't want to say a bad word about the gov. Of course the PM will not resign. I would even go as far as to say that if he loses the next election, he may well cheat (again!) to stay in power. Sanuk!
  7. Hi, And to continue that... There are only 10 kinds of people in the world, those that understand binary and those that don't. Sanuk!
  8. Hi, >They must read Thai360 Of course they do! >six checkpoints on outbound roads Out of how many possible roads to leave BKK? Sanuk!
  9. Hi, "Thailand was ahead of target in securing 105.5 million doses of coronavirus vaccine for this year" But what about administering them? I seriously doubt they can vaccinate a significant percentage of the country by then. Sanuk!
  10. Hi, My guess is that they just don't have enough vaccines. I was supposed to get a shot today (organized by my company and Social Security Fund). Got cancelled last minute on Friday. Postponed until further notice. Sanuk!
  11. Hi, I agree. From a coding perspective, adding a time frame is additional work. Not something you'd do for no reason. Sanuk!
  12. >Is that 12-3PM ICT, GMT or PST? Yes. Sanuk!
  13. Hi, "CCP denies covid leaked from the lab conducting experiments on it, Trump said it did," Neither of these is even remotely credible. Sanuk!
  14. Hi, "Yes, as a side effect of all this "mining" that's going on, computer graphics cards, even 2nd hand, for gaming, are horrendously expensive. " Not to mention the huge amounts of electricity wasted on this. Apparently bitcoin mining uses more electricity per year than Argentina. Sanuk!
  15. Hi, Exactly, Mekong. Pretty much all we are getting from the government is promises. Their response to the inoculation has been atrocious. Sanuk!
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