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  1. Hi, Of course. There was never any chance for Pita to win As you said "The Dinosaurs just cannot let go." Sanuk!
  2. Hi, What a surprise! Anyone with half a brain could have seen this shit coming. Sanuk!
  3. Hi, Then maybe they should have just respected the people's wishes! What a fucking hypocrite. Sanuk!
  4. Hi, This is such a disgrace. The people have made it bloody clear who they want to lead the country, yet none of that matters as 250 (mostly) old guys have the power to decide. And why abstain? It has the exact same outcome as voting 'No'. I also fail to see why people are so hung up on the 112 issue. I though the proposed changes were very reasonable, certainly nothing drastic that would 'undermine and dismantle the monarchy'. Sanuk!
  5. Hi, Watched an hour long presentation on how ChatGTP could be used in our industry. Was not impressed. I still fail to see how this app would help me in my daily life. Sanuk!
  6. Hi, No, and no intention of trying either. Sanuk!
  7. Hi, It's been closed for a few years already. Was replaced by a shoarma place, which has already closed as well Sanuk!
  8. Hi Coss, Good to hear everything went well. Sanuk!
  9. Hi, Should appear exactly how you send it I assume. Sanuk!
  10. Hi, With Mekong on this one. Still don't really see how or why I would use this in my daily life. Sanuk!
  11. Hi, Almost certainly a bot posting bullshit vaguely fitting into the topic being discussed with the sole purpose of adding a link. Sanuk!
  12. Hi, Can you give an example of what you use it for? I've not used it at all, not even tried it. Can't really think of anything I'd use it for, or even what I could use it for. Sanuk!
  13. Hi, The other day I saw an article in which they quoted him as saying he respect democracy and the will of the people. And apparently he said that with a straight face. How I wish for some hard-hitting journalist who would pounce on that. Sanuk!
  14. Hi, Yeah, pretty much sums it up. The charges last election were purely to prevent them from forming a coalition with the opposition. And I agree as well that it is highly unlikely they'll be allowed gain any kind of power. Gotta keep the status quo Sanuk!
  15. Hi, No secrets, airfare sucks at the moment My daughter recently paid 52K Bangkok -> London. Cheapest direct flight available, many flights with stopover actually even more expensive. Sanuk!
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