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  1. No just a little shaken going on
  2. we felt it ..we are in a highrise in Charoen Nakorn....
  3. I could do the paint work for them...
  4. Oh ..wheer is my darling Jintara.....
  5. I mentioned this event several months ago...... Yes boys i split between OZ and BKK.....hope we get some dates or will have to travel to see the worlds best ever rock bands final concert...:neener:
  6. Hi..could not get to a PC when arrived(could not get to your replies) so we (guys) ( Gals went shopping) went to Roo bar ( what a dive) bar was full and most smoking we had to sit on stools behind the guys sitting at the bar ...one guy went down the soi further to Lucky Bar and asked the girl if she would turn the TV on for us ..she did.. bar was empty ..only us guys no smoke no yobos and we had a great time..good result for the game as well all my newbie friends enjoyed our one night visit to sun city oops Sin city..b ack in BKK tonight and out to my favorite Restaurant Thanks for the replies boys
  7. Hello boys...off to Pattaya today with some Aussies friends..staying at the Hilton on Walking street. They want to see live the NRL grand final today afternoon Pattaya time ( rugby league final)..found a bar called Roo bar that says it will have it live ..any other suggestions ? As some will have wives and girlfriends would prefer a bar that we all don.t get grabbed on the crutch all afternoon.. Thanks in advance ..game is about 2pm Bangkok time
  8. With the seat down they can still fall in!!..need to close the Lid
  9. Sometimes MM it was my birthday ..no cake from KS this year We eat in ''Real ones up at the Jungle " and in Mae Klong.... Bangkok we eat local and they are the Restaurants i have mentioned ...the View and Princess bar and Terrace ...both serve traditional Thai... We will try Asiatique this week ..going by the number of Thais on the shuttle boats i gather there must be some good eating over there ? I said why don't we try Blue Elephant" ......"no that is for farang" Oh well i will see what culinary adventures await this trip
  10. Zense Gourmet Deck and Lounge Panorama. Located at Zen World Level 17 Central World Shopping Complex between Bts Siam and Bts Chidlom P 2100 9898. This Restaurant was a recent addition to the Bangkok food scene and then the Red shirts burnt the pace down ...is has just re opened several weeks ago the official re Launch is next Tuesday night ..VIP only sorry boys you will need one of these... Ultra modern venue well trained staff the menu apart from Thai has a European section as well as Japanese ,Italian and Indian... Great City views.. a wonderful place to take a loved one for that special occasion..the food was well presented and plentiful ..as well as great flavors Booze prices... beers around 100 to 200 spirits 250 to .270 wine ..well up to you we paid 4100 for a really nice French Red..about 4 JW reds and Dinner just over 9000 thb for two.
  11. Amazing clip . BB ..brave lady
  12. I love a real book ...and you have no need to shove a battery up it
  13. Thanks very much ...you have spoilt the surprise for the evening...
  14. If you are about in mid to late September .we can have dinner and do a joint review of the restaurant...?
  15. Yep everything open ..some small stores /stalls are not..... just i guess waiting on stock ....but the place is jumping ...i see those shuttle boats all day ...they share our pier from 4 till 6 then they operate from the express boat pier till 11pm...the ques to get on are massive...we just got there too late this trip to try some of the restaurants ..cant wait now till September when we come back to try some ...they really do look good ...i get the felling i am at Clarke Quay in Singapore ...really well done ..and clean..
  16. as HT said this place is new ...but now it is very busy...the shuttle are full from 4pm till 11pm....hundreds of little stalls much like at JJ Mall except not aircon...many restaurants some fully closed in with air the rest open air and fans...large carpark across from the entrance opp KFC.. Well worth a visit..
  17. No ...it said she is a Porn Star...ha ha
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