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  1. bust


    Gee I hope this is not Gaza related given this area has a large Jewish population. A shopping centre in Sydney's east has been evacuated amid reports of stabbings and potentially a number of deaths. NSW Police said emergency services were called to Westfield Bondi Junction just before 4pm after reports of multiple people being stabbed. "A critical incident has commenced following the shooting of male at Bondi Junction," police said in a statement. It said an operation was underway with shoppers being evacuated. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-04-13/westfield-bondi-junction-evacuated-after-alleged-stabbing/103705022
  2. Normally you would think it gets exported to Japan but their wagyu is even more expensive. At a bit of a loss as to how you would ever recoup that kind of investment considering they are bread and fed for consumption.
  3. He's not very smart but unfortunately most of his supporters make him look like a genius
  4. Based on prime cuts that works out to about $4,000 a steak Wagyu heifer sells for $400,000, setting record for Australia's most expensive beef animal A 13-month-old Wagyu heifer has become the most expensive beef animal ever sold in Australia, fetching $400,000 at this week's Elite Wagyu Sale in Melbourne. Key points: Sunnyside S0014 is a 13-month-old heifer bred at Inverell in New South Wales S0014 sold for $400,000, the highest price ever paid in Australia for a cow or bull Industry veterans believed it heralded a changing of the guard, with cows to fetch more than bulls It surpassed the previous record of $325,000 set in Queensland during 2017 by Brahman bull, NCC Justified, sold by the Nobbs family to the Jefferis family. The $400,000 heifer, known only as S0014, was put up for sale as lot number one in the catalogue, and was purchased by Yulong Invest. Bidding started at just under $40,000 but quickly skyrocketed as buyers from around the world engaged in a fierce bidding war. Wagyu is attracting increased attention as one of the premium beef options in Australia.(Supplied: Australian Wagyu Association) Yulong sales manager Troy Stephens said the heifer was going to be the base from which they built their Wagyu herd. "She'll be a foundation animal for us here at Yulong; she'll breed for many years to come," he said. "You've got to pull up at some stage, but we were really delighted to have secured her. "The future looks bright." Breeder 'shocked' by price S0014's breeder Jonathan Elphick is a partner at Sunnyside stud, near Inverell in New South Wales. He said he was shocked and amazed by the price. "We actually thought there were some heifers in the catalogue that were equal to or better [than her]," Mr Elphick said. "It was a bit of deja vu because we had a heifer in the same sale last year who did well, and we thought then, 'We'll never achieve that again'. https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2022-04-29/wagyu-heifer-fetches-400-000-in-record-sale-melbourne-/101025760
  5. Mae Sot is probably my favorite place in SEA Have spent a lot of time up there over the years Ethnic Myanmar rebels and pro-democracy forces claim capture of key town on Thai border In short: Anti-junta forces claim to have taken control of the Myanmar township on the most important Thai-Myanmar border crossing. Control of the border crossing could give the rebel forces' finances a big boost while starving the military government of funds. What's next? There are fears the junta could retaliate by attacking the town with air power and artillery causing a humanitarian catastrophe. Ethnic guerilla fighters and pro-democracy forces have claimed an important victory after reportedly taking control of the major trading town on Myanmar's border with Thailand. However, observers are concerned the "humiliating" defeat will prompt a counteroffensive from the military junta that could have devastating consequences for the civilian population. The Karen National Union (KNU), an ethnic-based group aligned with pro-democracy forces, claimed on Thursday to have eliminated the last remaining battalion of State Administrative Council (SAC) forces in the border township of Myawaddy overnight. "At this time, all military council camps in Myawaddy have been attacked and occupied," the KNU said in a Facebook post. "The remaining military council remains will continue to be cleared. "The public is advised to cooperate without panic." Around 200 fleeing soldiers were gathered at the border crossing bridge into Thailand, KNU spokesperson Saw Taw Nee told Reuters. Local news outlet Khit Thit reported Thai authorities were in talks with the soldiers to decide whether to grant them refuge. Thailand's military has stepped up security on its side of the border, deploying army vehicles equipped with roof-mounted machine guns. A spokesperson for the Myanmar junta did not respond to Reuter's calls for comment. At least 2,000 people have already been displaced within Myanmar by the latest round of fighting between the rebels and the military, according to civil society group Karen Peace Support Network. Border crossings in the area were open for civilians who were arriving in Thailand from Myanmar in large numbers, said police official Borwornphop Soontornlekha, the immigration superintendent in Tak, the province on the Thai side of the border. "Usually there are about 2,000 people who cross into Mae Sot from Myawaddy each day but the last three days the number was almost 4,000 a day," he told Reuters. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-04-11/anti-junta-rebels-claim-capture-myanmar-border-crossing-myawaddy/103685700
  6. Karma at it's best. Hope he suffered a horribly painful death.
  7. Just finished the HBO series The Outsider based on the Stephen King novel. Different twist on a crime thriller. Friend of my ex plays the lead role.
  8. She was sitting on some steps earlier
  9. Reminds me of the Traffic Ladies Of Pyongyang
  10. Daniel Sancho Bronchalo was arrested late last year by Thai police on suspicion of the murder. In short: A Spanish national is accused of murdering a Colombian surgeon on the Thai island of Koh Phangan. Daniel Sancho Bronchalo is charged with murdering Edwin Arrieta Arteaga and concealing his body. What's next? He has pleded guilty to hiding the body but not guitly to all other charges. The son of a famous Spanish actor has gone on trial in Thailand, accused of killing a Colombian surgeon on a popular tourist island known for its full Moon rave parties. Warning: This story contains details that may be distressing to some readers. Daniel Sancho Bronchalo, 29, was indicted by prosecutors in October last year over the death of Edwin Arrieta Arteaga, whose remains were found stuffed in plastic bags at a landfill on Koh Phangan. Lawyer Juan Gonzalo Ospina Serrano, who represents Edwin Arrieta's family, told reporters at the Koh Samui Provincial Court before the trial that the family trusts Thai prosecutors to deliver justice. "They are grateful and hope that Thai law is forceful and that the truth can be told," he said. The charges include premeditated murder, concealment of a body and destruction of other people's documents, which is related to the alleged damaging of Mr Arrieta's passport He pleaded not guilty to premeditated murder and destruction of documents but pleaded guilty to hiding the victim's body. The charge of premeditated murder carries a possible death penalty. The maximum sentence for damaging documents carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a 100,000 baht ($4,150) fine. The concealment or damaging of a body carries a year in prison and a 20,000 baht ($830) fine. Koh Phangan is known for its parties that run all night.(AP: Adam Schreck) The trial is opening with statements from witnesses brought in by the plaintiff, said Mr Sancho's lawyer, Apichart Srinual. When asked whether he was confident about his defence case, he said "it depends on the evidence", adding that "there are a lot of witnesses. It depends on what they will say." Mr Sancho was driven to the court in a closed car and was not visible to reporters waiting outside. His father, Spanish actor Rodolfo Sancho, also came to the court but declined to comment. Spanish actor Rodolfo Sancho was in court for the opening of his son's trial.(AP Photo: Suthipong Charoenjai) Mr Sancho, a chef, was arrested in August after the remains of Mr Arrieta were discovered in landfill. Police said Mr Sancho came in to report a missing person and was subsequently detained. Police said he later reportedly confessed to killing and dismembering Mr Arrieta and dumping the body parts in the landfill and the sea, though he denied that his action was premeditated. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-04-10/son-of-spanish-film-star-accused-of-thai-island-murder/103688050
  11. And Governor Gretchen Whitmer gets a free pass. Parents of Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley sentenced to at least 10 years in prison In short: James and Jennifer Crumbley are the first parents convicted in a US mass school shooting. They were found guilty of involuntary manslaughter after their son, Ethan, killed four people at his Michigan school in 2021. What's next? The judge has sentenced the pair to at least 10 years behind bars. The parents of a Michigan teen who shot and killed four classmates have both been sentenced to at least 10 years in prison, after a jury convicted them of manslaughter in a rare case of parents being held responsible in a school shooting. Jennifer and James Crumbley, Ethan Crumbley's parents, were found guilty of involuntary manslaughter after prosecutors presented evidence of an unsecured gun at home and indifference toward the teen’s mental health. They were sentenced immediately after several parents of the victims gave emotional impact statements in an Oakland County courtroom on Tuesday. "Not only did your son kill my daughter, but you both did as well," Nicole Beausoleil, the mother of Madisyn Baldwin, 17, told the court as she wept. Ethan Crumbley (left) in a mughshot alongside parents Jennifer and James. (Reuters Photo: Oakland County Sheriff) James Crumbley sat impassively while his wife Jennifer hung her head. Ethan Crumbley was 15 at the time of the shooting at Oxford High School in 2021. He pleaded guilty in 2022 to four counts of first-degree murder and other charges, and was sentenced to life in prison without parole in December. In remarks to the court before sentencing, Jennifer Crumbley, 46, said she expressed her "deepest sorrow" and said she had had no inkling her son was capable of killing. "My husband and I used to say we have the perfect kid. I truly believed that," she said, naming her son's victims several times. "I didn't have a reason to do anything different. This is not something I foresaw. "If there's anything the general public can take away from this, it's that this could happen to you, too. "I will be in my own internal prison for the rest of my life. Addressing the court, her 47-year-old husband said, "I am sorry for your loss as a result of what my son did. My heart pours out to every single one of you." Gun and warning signs key to case Prosecutors in the trials of both Jennifer Crumbley and James Crumbley said the parents were criminally negligent for providing a gun for their child as a Christmas present and for ignoring signs his mental health had deteriorated and that he was potentially violent. The parents' legal teams argued, among other points, that it was impossible for the mother and the father to envision their son would carry out a mass shooting. The United States, a country with persistent gun violence, has experienced a series of school shootings over the years, often carried out by current or former students. There is little precedent for the criminal charges faced by the Crumbleys, who are the first parents known to be charged with manslaughter in a school shooting carried out by one of their children. James Crumbley purchased the 9mm semi-automatic handgun as a Christmas present for Ethan just four days before the shooting on November 30, 2021. Prosecutors said during the trials that on the morning of the rampage, both of Ethan's parents were summoned to their son's school after teachers discovered violent messages and drawings on his schoolwork. The Crumbleys were told Ethan needed immediate counselling. But prosecutors said the couple resisted, taking the teen home that day, and didn't search his backpack or ask him about the gun they knew he could access. Ethan Crumbley was returned to class. He later walked out of a bathroom with the gun and began firing, according to prosecutors. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-04-10/jennifer-james-crumbley-sentenced-over-michigan-school-shooting/103688212
  12. Is DDave still around? Tried contacting him last time I was in town but without success. Last time I saw him he was doing some work for another board member who's name escapes me.
  13. Unrelated but reading another article on the "Rink" about the sulphur smell in Bangkok, when was there some decent rain there?
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