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  1. Yes i agree ... Still i am spoiled with the Thai 4:30pm arrival..don't lose a night..
  2. Yes you can ...and no once Thai remains Thai ..you can buy from a Thai..
  3. Hi again...Emirates have just listed one ....valid for one year.. We are looking at it now ...26dec departure $1040 includes taxes...we are looking at a March return so they said the cost would fall to about $860.00 The late arrival into Bkk is the only drawback ...
  4. Now till Sept ....more specials out for your travel dates soon ..we are waiting for one around then as well
  5. Hi Red ...Thai have a fare this week of $800 includes tax ..my wife is going on Monday to see her mom for a week..
  6. Spasso (Grand Hyatt Erawan )...great bands Angelwitch ..always a great night out . G Spot another good one ..imo Sirocco Sky Bar...great views Any of the Kings bars in Patpong ....good range of eye candy and fun place for a drink before heading off into the night..
  7. Well ..he wants to be back for a December wedding ..
  8. Great rate today ..as well against the GBP highest for 26 years...
  9. Trouble with mine as well... Am using the LAN now and appears ok ..the WI FI suxs...
  10. I am with Bangkok Bank for several years now ...ok imo.
  11. i may try this when the Red shirts fire up again....
  12. Me too. that is why no cooking rule applies in our apartment ..otherwise i would be outside full time..
  13. Yes ..but no signs well i didn't notice any ..still i did not take any inside the building.. i wanted to take some of the Market ..no where in the world could you do that..TIT
  14. A very wet and windy light show out tonight.....
  15. we use those ..just top up... they activate in store for you and tell you how much credit you have ...very good for us in Thailand..
  16. Sorry old boy... We bought this apartment last year in March ...i still have my elderly Dad (mum) passed away June 6th last year)in Sydney to keep an eye on ...then we plan to spend around 3 or 4 months at a time here...i don't think i could live her full time ..i miss watching my footy team and seeing friends ..that may change with time but is plan A for now.. You can always PM me ...i don't bite
  17. No not full time ...maybe next year..not sure yet.. Thanks for the info..
  18. Good!! ..we have to go there tomorrow ..to see the damn Orchid display
  19. Yes i think that would be fine..BB ...so where to go shopping for this system..Power buy have some but rubbish speakers ...
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