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  1. Just curious but something does not add up here - you posted the first message beg. July about being tested - then today post your viral load is undetectable with a CD4 count of over 800 - just 8 weeks later. Exactly what hospital is treating you? With a CD4 count of over 800 you should not even be on treatment and certainly not within the UK, yet the only way you can have an undetectable viral load is to be on treatment. To go from a detectable viral load (which would always follow a positive test result) to undetectable takes about 2-3 months, yet in the UK they wont start treatment unless CD4 is in the region of 350. Cheers SS
  2. Only the one !!!! Im sure I have seen numerous adance stage HIV cases in Bangkok. Never mind thermae - I am seeing these girls in GoGo Bars. One girl I know in Soi 4 has been HIV positive for at least the 2 years I have known her. However the average guy would not know. She is little bit overweight, but not as much as when I met her. She tells me she does not go with customers, but I am not so sure. She has told me she is taking medicine twice a day to 'protect her' from further infection !!!! Apart from the obvious need to learn whats what, at least outwardly she is doing the right thing, unlike some girls I see in GoGo bars unless of course, they are just naturally skeleton like !!! Cheers
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