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  1. Hello...I was in Phuket last August and to my surprise, there were no gogos like before off bangla street..where they were a few years ago - Spankys was one that was fun...I couldn't find any where they were before...yeah the big place on the corner was still there but looking dire...Rock and Roll or some name like that In general, how will February be different?..3 times the tourists and same beer bars? or will it be more fun?...Lots of rain in August...I hope to have more fun in February...any advice appreciated!
  2. Greetings!...I know this site is mainly for discussions about mongering...I have been involved in several such discussions over the years, and have always come to BKK alone or with pals for exactly that purpose. So excuse my divergence from the norm...yeah sand to the beach, I know...But I am in the unusual situation of bringing a gf with me to BKK and then on to one of the beaches. I've never taken a gf around BKK...any advice? I'm thinking of hitting my favorite restaurants, maybe a skybar, then trying Q bar, Bed Supperclub..maybe stop in at Anglewitch?...She is a fun gal, no prude, hot looking..we may just watch the fun, and actually I would be happy enough with that for change...but she has indicated that she may even be up for a little three way fun with another young lovely if it were presented in the proper fashion...where do I take her? I'm thinking more high end naughty...but I don't really know such places...I like the Rainbow bars, Spankys more recently and don't know much else..Haven't been to Patpong in ages...would that be a easier entry with the night market there?..Got to wonder if its such a good idea to go to NEP and have the mama sans greet me like an old friend....Would be August so not the high season....Appreciate the advice!
  3. Greetings....I've been coming to Thailand for years but mostly in winter time. I will be visiting BKK in early August and am wondering whether to go onto Samui or Phuket? I will only have about 4 days of beachtime... I went to Samui once 20 years or so ago and thought it was ok but not that beautiful...big flat undramatic coconut plantation.... Since then I have been to Phuket many times and quite like Kata beach, the mountains behind it and the nightlife in Patong....If weather were not an issue I would just go to Phuket, but have heard Samui is better in August and Phuket can be rainy...I don't mind a bit of rain, but all day is no good...I'd appreciate the opinions of anyone with firsthand information...Thanks!
  4. Answering my own post here after the trip....forget Jakarta for women if you have any experience with Bkk
  5. 120$US for a hotel in Jakarta = 2010 prices?....nice expense account and/or pension you got.....found a reasonable place in the center of town near the main train station....one of the Ibis places 50US a night....now that is taken care of, where is the best place to spend all my newfound extra cash on a cutie?....me - 45, slightly jet lagged, don't really want to dance the night away hoping to get lucky
  6. Thanks for the reply...just checked their website and 120 US a night is not what I hope to spend in a large second world asian city...40-60US usually does me quite well...looking for a nice room with a view of the city, maybe a gym or pool...
  7. Thanks in advance....I will be in Jakarta soon for a couple of days...if someone were to ask where to stay in Bkk I'd say Sukumvit for the hotel and for fun, in Manila - Makati and EDSA for fun ...but how about Jakarta?...seems pretty spread out....I would like proximity to night fun, and from the reviews it appears I will be avoiding Bloc M, and checking out CJ's, Bats Tiga Pulah, etc...I'm a 40s guy not sure I will have the energy for discos that get hopping at 12...we'll see...but prefer high end women and 3/4 star hotels at 40-60 US...little hard to figure out where to book a room in Jakarta....any advice about general area or specific hotels? also, of course, recent bar information appreciated as well....ps...arriving by plane, leaving by train..Cheers
  8. Honestly, shouldn't this thread be in the nightlife forum?
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