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  1. yes thanks santiago. just booked a return flight thru air thaksin for $140 austraaaaalian. ll's upcoming trip is getting OOFC (out of fucking control). bali/jkt/patts/bangers. OMG
  2. Obviously its possible to fly quickly and cheaply between bali and jakarta but has anyone done the same journey by train? was it a good expereince? any tips?
  3. Mate I'm going to LOS at the end of this month and would love an update. How's things in Patong at the moment? when was the last time u were there?
  4. I've spent a lot of time in Phuket and loved it, but, my last trip I was dissappointed due to the influx of euro trash. o.k maybe i went at the wrong time so got a bad impression. People shouldnt go to Phuket just for mongering. They will be dissappointed to an extent. There certainly is plenty of mongering you can do there. I remember me and my bro had been drinking all night and at 2 or 3am we were basically surrounded by girls who either hadnt scored or where lining up their second for the night. it's just a different atmosphere than other mongering places in LOS. It's more tropical holiday than all out debauchery (at least out in the open). What i love about it is during the day u can act like a tourist and laze on beautiful beaches. THEN, at night its back to banging thai birds. Yes, it did/does anmoy me that when i was with my thai bird (non p4p) i was constantly stared at by young male idiot tourists who look at you and your girl thinking that if they smile at the girl long enough maybe she'll smile back and that'd be oh so dangerous and exciting for them. I'd like to go back but I'm a little gunshy at the moment.
  5. Glad you asked These where taken over 1/2 hour period I think it proves the ice melts faster on the outside than inside But you be the judge I placed the ice back into the beer after each photo for 5 minutes - re filling beer as necessary hasn't anyone noticed that the ice cube resembles the virgin mary? its a miracle. do you still have the ice cube?
  6. I knew if I bothered to read this thread I'd regret it. sure enough...
  7. I bet there are guys who have barebacked with a HIV positive girl and not gotten it and never know how lucky they were.
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