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  1. Well, we've fixed that now. The moron is at least outta the big chair...
  2. Machete (available on crap cam-quality torrents). Typical Rodrigues film, with cartoonish violence and strange, choppy editing. But none-the-less entertaining. And the usual assortment of hot tottie: (brief) nude scenes with Jessica Alba (well on the road back to super-hottieness), Lindsey Lohan and Michelle Rodriguez. The way-out-of-character DeNiro role was pretty good. Danny Trejo plays Danny Trejo, as always (like David Caruso). They even resurrected Don Johnson! And the best bit is how any US right winger who sees this will have a brain meltdown due to subject matter 555+.
  3. Folk music? That's a relief. I thought someone made a movie about me after eating Koh Kae coconut peanuts...
  4. Sin City! Great eye candy. Jessica Alba, Devon Aoki, Rosario Dawson, Carla Gugino, Brittany Murphy and more. What a buffet! :evil: Just watched The Big Chill. Been 20 years. I forgot just how great that movie was...or maybe I just identify with it more now?
  5. Jay-sus, like I'm gonna read that long list. "About Last Night", with the second best* opening dialog *ever* (ad libbed, I think) in a movie... "That's these young broads Danny...they don't know what they want." * 1st being the Reservoir Dogs Madonna spiel...
  6. Even in your tin foil hat world, you get one right. The whole Afghan and minerals cover-up thing is a damning thing to BushCo (and Obama for continuing it) as to the real reason for the military action there...and is absolutely disgusting to me, an American taxpayer.
  7. What a fuckin' idiot. Like the gummint knows how to do that *specific* task. They told the "experts" to handle it, as they should. And have now held them responsible with the $20B slush fund. Seems OK to me.
  8. Methinks yer tinfoil hat is screwed on a bit to tight today, Cavy!
  9. Looks like some marketing company. I get invites like that all the time. To the trash they go!
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