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  1. Thanks TH. But I can't seem to be able to get it to work. I programmed this about 10 years ago using a book to help. I have completely forgotten all of that VB and simply have no time to deal with learning it again. Nor do I have the book any longer. Any boardie out there I can pay to do this? It is literally a logo change and changes two values that are input when the respective button is pressed.
  2. As is the case from Las Vegas, per the little lizards who also voted yesterday. No one they know is pro-PT.
  3. Sadly, I think you are very wrong on this point. We all remember the anti-foreigner sentiment foster by Wacky-Thakky and his minions. If PT wins, the stock market is gonna crash (much money already leaving, much more is shorting it) and both Dow & Ford have said in Bloomberg that they will "look at their positions" in Thailand if this happens. And then there is the case of succession and who/what/how that I can't talk about here. That means to Thais that when the economy is totally in the shitter because foreign money has pulled out, it is the farang's fault. I fully expect to s
  4. Mrs LK & I will be there...
  5. LOL! It maybe the Korean International School (KIS)? I see their vans go by my condo daily... But ya, even after a phone call, no idea of the facilities there, wherever "there" is. Just that it is a "good security site" as per the RSO & MSG team leaders...
  6. You are very correct! Soi Dog Blues Band (Big Jeff) and Queen Bee (Jay-san and Yuka-chan) are *very* good & close long term friends of mine!!!! And exceptional musicians. I won't make you drool by describing the sa-weet! guitars Jay-san from Queen Bee has in his collection (they are Japanese folks, but do excellent American-style traditional blues; as does Jeff & the Soi Dog Band who have been around forever)...
  7. Looking for high end stuff. Doesn't have to be in LoS, but want it in Asia for cost. Probably quantity in the 20-30 range. Size: 455mm x 445mm x 20mm (glass substrate). All I care about is that it needs to highly reflect (like 90+%) UV light at a wavelength of 355nm @ 45 degrees and have a flatness of Lambda 20-ish. Any ideas where to even begin to look for folks who make this kind of thing?
  8. I have a little VB program that I have lost the source code to. I want to change the logo and a couple of buttons on one form. Is there any way to do this without rewriting the whole bloody thing?
  9. That's an old joke, and only part of it as well. The whole one is: [color:purple]Dalai Lama goes into a pizza parlor and says, "Make me one with everything." The vendor makes the pizza and hands it to the Lama, who pays with a $20 bill. The vendor puts the bill in the cash box and closes it. "Excuse me, but where's my change?" asks the Lama. The vendor responds, "Change must come from within."[/color]
  10. Actually not, but may as well be. On screen for about 1.5 seconds about 48 minutes in...
  11. Does anyone know a source for custom made computer cables in Thailand? Or the parts as I could make them myself. I am looking for a 1 meter long ribbon cable with SCSI ends (both screw & clip) and a ferrite magnet EMI suppressor. This obviously is not a ribbon cable, but this is the type of EMI suppressor to which I am referring: Cheers, LK
  12. Ya, I'm a cheap Charlie on this (cuz 'm just gonna take it apart and use the parts to build something). I'm looking for a 1-year-old-ish netbook that someone is not using any more. Any brand is OK. Prefer a regular HDD versus a SSD. Anyone have one on the shelf collecting dust?
  13. About as good an idea as investing in tulip bulbs...
  14. I heard that all of Washington Square was going to be replaced with a large hotel. Might be wrong though. I know the rumour has been going on for a while but I was told it is a done deal this time. Anyone know for sure? cheers' date=' Mark[/quote'] Not true. You may be confusing it for the hotel currently being built at the corner of Suk & 22...
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