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  1. 163

    Sim Card

    Thought City played well but Bravo almost cost us hopefully he will improve. Mourinho got his team selection wrong.Is it that cheap in HCM and Hanoi?
  2. 163

    Sim Card

    Mekong which currency would you recommend taking to Vietnam.Or would i be better withdrawing from the Atm while there.
  3. 163

    Sim Card

    Thanks for the advice Bust and Mekong.Very helpful, always good to get advice of people with local knowledge
  4. 163

    Sim Card

    Hi can anyone advise me which Sim to get when we arrive in Thailand.We will be travelling to Vietnam and Cambodia and back to Thailand;I was wondering which Sim with data and calls would be best for a months holiday and how much it would cost.
  5. It says british citizens do not require a visa if visiting for 15 days or less till 30th June 2017.Does anyone know what happens after this date as i was hoping to visit in the future.
  6. 163

    Any New Jokes

    Essex girl goes out on the town, big night out, usual story, drunk and disorderly, gets into a knife fight, gets shanked, blood everywhere, goes to A&E. Doctor examines here but can't find the wound. He says, 'I don't know where you're bleeding from.' She says, 'I'm from bleedin' Billericay, inn'I, now f***** sew me up, you c***.'
  7. Thanks for the info Khunsanuk
  8. Hi does anybody know of any decent buses which go from KK to Pattaya please.If possible with a website or timetable Cheers
  9. Hi Does anyone have any idea which is the best car hire company at Bkk airport?Would like to know if anyone has any experience of hiring a car at the airport.If they would recommend a company to hire from Cheers in advance
  10. Hope Chelsea win it because Brendan Rodgers is a knob.
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