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  1. Well at least daughter is able to use the internet, albeit slowly. Maybe a few more years it will develop into fast enough speed for video chat!
  2. I have figured that out. Are you able to do audio chat with Skype or only text? I reminded her that the computer is more for her future, to get more informed, to learn English etc. I am actually amazed at how well netbooks as cheap as 7,000 baht are plenty for what most people need in a computer, while mobile phones just continue to climb in price!
  3. Back to the drawing board then...
  4. Actually they have a signal and it is working in her bedroom. Unfortunately it is not fast enough for us to videocall on MSN...
  5. Sadly I am back in the city so they now have to attempt this without me, so I have sent them off to Tukcom in Khon Kaen to get PC Suite installed and buy a another cheap second hand phone to user as the modem. I know I know.. I should have listened to you first time but I just thought connecting with the air card would be much easier!
  6. I got an aircard and AIS netsim. So far can't get a connection anywhere in the house. Can try a DTAC netsim but my phone is DTAC and my signal in the village is even worse. Are there any other options besides the huge expense of a satellite?
  7. Actually there is a thai version of pc suite, but if i install it i won't be able to figure it out to configure lol.
  8. Is there a way to connect without going through nokia pc suite each time. Just want to simplify things.
  9. Anything other than a net sim seems to only offer 30 hours a month internet and then 1 baht per minute. The 200 hours for 399 baht seems like the best deal. I also want to find a way for simple connection so she doesnt have to go through PC Suite every time
  10. Looks like the Nokia 2700 will work as a modem. It is 2,600 new so I should be able to find one for 1,500 used. AIS has a plan 399 baht for 200 hours. That's plenty (7 hours daily) as long as she remembers to disconnect each time! Can I apply for the netsim at any AIS shop? Will they need my work permit etc? I will load the Thai version of Nokia PC suite if I can figure it out!
  11. Is your package AIS or DTAC? I will do all the updating for her once a month when she comes to the city so thats not a problem.
  12. Bought a netbook for stepdaughter just starting high school but there is no phoneline for internet. Looking for suggestions on the best netsim packages under 500 a month (AIS, DTAC?)Will I also need to install software on the netbook like nokia pc suite etc for her to use phone as a modem. She has an unbranded phone now so not sure how it would connect. Maybe best to buy a second-hand phone with dedicated netsim. I want the msot simple way for her to connect. Also, with windows 7 is it simple for her to switch between Thai and English?
  13. There are some very good dentists at Bumrungrad. Dr. Nophadol is an excellent periodontist!
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