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  1. I grew weary of Bangkok and moved to the HCMC area of Vietnam a few months ago. Vietnam has terrible healthcare outside of HCMC and I am interested in finding a Medivac type service that would get me back into Bangkok. A few years ago I talked to a doctor (Dr Dan maybe, in a bar) that worked at one near Bumrungrad. I cannot find one there or in other places that I have looked. Does anyone know of any? Thanks, zen4dummies
  2. The Internet cafe was a nice one, right on Soi 10 as I recall. He had just upgraded his equipment when this happened.
  3. I had the same experience. When I asked for postpay they asked for a work permit. A different shop said 'Sure!' when I asked about postpay.
  4. He didn't lose anything of monetary value. The email said "After a lot of thinking I have come to the conclusion that I was given a spiked drink in Nana Plaza on Saturday night for the purpose of robbing me."
  5. Munchmaster, Do you mean the shops on Sukhumvit are not reliable sources? I once bought a MicroSD card that was nothing but plastic.
  6. baa99, That's an interesting link but it is very difficult to get the CID information. If you are using an SD card reader you will get more information about the reader than you will get about the SD card. If you have a computer with a builtin SD slot (more than likely a laptop) it may give you the CID info. If the builtin reader is connected through a USB port, which some are, you will get information about the reader. They don't make it easy to get that information. But what I really want to know is if the SD card is OK.
  7. This must be Microsofts answer to the Chromebook that is being made by several manufacturers. Apple has all of the pieces and they will probably come out with their answer. I bought a Toshiba Chromebook 2 Model CB35-B3340) and love it. The price was $309 from Amazon plus what I paid to have my US mail drop ship it over. It runs on a version of Google Chrome and you get two years of 100GB google cloud. It took me a while to used to the idea of working only through a browser with files stored on a cloud but a lot of applications are available for online use; MS Office and Photoshop among others. The Chromebook is particularly useful if you like to work with photos or are on the road. I asked about Chromebooks locally. The Power Buy and Power Mall people know what a Chromebook is but tell me that they are not available in Thailand Maybe Chromebooks are the future.
  8. A few months ago I bought a new camera and later bought a 16GB Kingston flash card. It worked OK until I accumulated more than 3GB of photos on it. When I attempted to download them a lot of them were no good: the bottom of the photo was grayed out. The problem was that I had bought a fake flash card and it was full of errors. I lost some nice pictures. I found a utility to test flash cards, h2testw.exe. There are a few others: ChipGenious with does very little but give information about the card and Flash Drive Tester v1.14 proclaimed the card error free when it was not. FlashBench is useful if you need to know the transfer rate of a flash card or thumbdrive. http://www.heise.de/ct/Redaktion/bo/downloads/h2testw_1.4.zip is a good download link. Below are H2test2 results for some 8GB drives that I tested. Note that the C10 Kingston has a slower read and write speed than the C4 Sandisk. 8GB Kingston C10 Warning: Only 7451 of 7452 MByte tested. Test finished without errors. You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again. Writing speed: 5.06 MByte/s Reading speed: 17.9 MByte/s H2testw v1.4 8GB SanDisk SDHC C10 Warning: Only 7571 of 7572 MByte tested. Test finished without errors. You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again. Writing speed: 16.1 MByte/s Reading speed: 18.3 MByte/s H2testw v1.4 8GB SanDisk SDHC C4 Warning: Only 7571 of 7572 MByte tested. Test finished without errors. You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again. Writing speed: 6.14 MByte/s Reading speed: 18.4 MByte/s H2testw v1.4 Has anyone seen a test from the manufacturers? I couldn't find one. zen
  9. A friend sent me an email with a picture of his 'smashed face'. He said that he had made his normal rounds last Saturday and his final stop was in a bar in Nana Plaza where he had one drink. It was his first time in the bar. Nothing but a few old girls and lady boys serving drinks so he left. He crashed just short of his hotel, waking up the next day with cuts and bandages on his face. The next day someone told him that they had helped get him to his hotel where the staff cleaned him up and put him to bed. He said that he was within his limits so it was not a falling down drunk situation and he was sure that they had put something into his drink. He has no memory of what happened after starting to walk back to his hotel. With all of the lady boy bars Nana Plaza is getting dodgier and dodgier. I responded to his email and called him to find out what bar that it was but his phone was off and he has not emailed me since. I saw him the Saturday afternoon before this happened and he was arranging for an air ticket so he may be back in Laos. Has anyone heard of this sort of thing in Nana Plaza lately?
  10. This is a professionally done, short and very funny video from Youtube: . I think that this is not off topic.
  11. If a Youtube movie can be called the last movie I watched is . It is very funny and very professionally done.
  12. I read Bob Woodward's 4 book series on Bush's wars and then Obama's Wars. A lot of it was quite dry. I got caught up on modern history Then I read The Great Gatsby for something lighter. Fitzgerald is my type of writer.
  13. My sincere sympathies. I had to have a cat that I had for 10 years put down. She had cancer and the vet strongly suggested that it should be done. It is an absence in the family.
  14. The last time I saw Fiery Jack he was taking a nap on the sidewalk outside the German Bier Garten.
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