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  1. In a couple of weeks I will be home and setting up a new Samsung Tab 4 for my girlfriend. It's been so long since I set up my android phone I don't remember a couple of details. I've searched this question but I just see ambiguous answers. My g/f is tech resistant, but she was given this tab and thinks she wants to use it. She does not have a google account or gmail. She will fight me when I tell her she needs one. She will be upset when I tell her she needs to give bank or credit card info to get free apps from Google Play Store. I'm not sure, but that's how I think it works. Am I right? Do you have to give payment info in order to download free apps from Play Store? Do you have to have a google account to use the pre-installed google apps like Maps? She uses yahoo mail. Can you get that free app elsewhere without giving payment info? My guess is that you can probably do some of these things, but it will be 10 times more difficult to get apps or run them. When I set up my android phone I had gmail and I think I just set up Play with Pay Pal. I didn't like giving personal and financial info, but it seemed reasonable and I didn't think I had a choice.
  2. This time the smog or mist or whatever it is hasn't dispersed in weeks. I've always seen a much greater horizontal visibility than this time. I find think-to-mut's response very interesting. "high air salinity caused by the evaporations from the seas." I've never heard about that as related to an obscure horizon. This morning I was up and out early enough to see the sun coming up and to my surprise it wasn't red or orange. It was obscured but it was yellow. So it seems that we're not seeing it through dirty air, maybe a saline mist? Definitely not heavy smoke because that causes orange and red sunrise and sunset. If it's saline mist, it's actually good for you I think based on the fact that there are saline room humidifiers. One other thing. I was watching the golf tournament from Kuala Lumpur this last weekend. The visibility and obsuration were exactly the same as here. Anyway I'm pretty encouraged by the responses to this topic. Not thinking of leaving anymore.
  3. Made dumb mistake in this one. Should say "I believe that could be an subjective call by the observer." And BTW I smell smoke. It's not very strong. I think there is local burning in the Pattaya area, maybe making a big contribution to this smog. That's what I think it is. Smog with smoke. There was about 5 hours of pretty strong wind today and the visibility improved, but I still can't see the hills to the east. On clear days I can see all the way the big buddha carved on the face of a huge rock.
  4. How long were you there? Did you exercise? Do people jog and such? Did you feel adverse effects?
  5. BTW the U-Tapao weather report for pilots (METAR) lists the condition as "mist". There are two other choices they could have used "haze" and "smoke." I believe that could be an objective call by the observer. Mist is wet and it's not at all wet here. U-Tapao is only 20 miles away and just off the bay, similar to Pattaya. Baa said that the burning season is over and I'm sure he's right. So what would you attribute this pollution to? Looking out from Pattaya towards the bay, the visibility is the same as over land. Out there it could be mist I guess, but over Pattaya and off towards the east, I'm thinking it's smog. There's been a nice breeze for a couple of hours now too, and it doesn't seem to help the visibility at all. I've been coming here for many years such poor visibility for so many weeks. Is there a meteorologist in the house? No? So what do you think?
  6. Thanks. I looked at that site before but didn't go much into it because it is in Thai. I see the index that you are talking about regarding Rayong - it's listed as 113 today. According to this scale http://library.pcd.go.th/Multimedia/News/2556/10/28/6.pdf that is "Unhealthy" which is between "Moderate" and "Very Unhealthy." I see other listings that are better - Laem Chabang 67, Chonburi 61. I see info for U-Tapao Airport - visibility 3,000 m, which is about what I'm looking see out my window, maybe a little less here. There's a note in bold red Thai writing about the index and I'm wondering what that says. It includes the word "smoke" ไม่ควรเà¸à¸´à¸™ 100
  7. I've been here about a month and there has been a constant haze. For a while I thought it was an inversion that traps pollution in an area. There was very little breeze. But even after a storm or a windy day the visibility here seems to be about 1 mile at most. This extends out over the bay as well as over the land. When you search the internet for info one thing comes up more than anything else - illegal slash and burn clearing of land in Sumatra. The president of Indonesia has even apologized to Singapore and Malasia for the extreme pollution this has caused them. The pollution indexes there have reached their highest levels ever. It's illegal now, but there's more of it than ever. This makes no sense from a socio - political point of view, but there you go, that's the peasant mentality of SE Asia. No concern for health or environment - only get some money. I wonder how they can light fires when they can hardly breathe. What I want to know - is there a reliable air pollution index for Thailand? I wanted to go for a jog this morning and I looked out my window and said forget about it. I'm thinking of cutting my trip short and heading home. What do you think?
  8. Thanks for the update. I've talked about this in my topic in Health Forum, but one thing I didn't mention. I usually take a low dose aspirin daily. However knowing Dengue was bad this year, about a week before I left I stopped taking it. I've also been wearing long sleeves, using Deet and keeping my screen doors shut tight in Pattaya. I also live on an upper story. I've also stayed out of the gym where I was most often bitten. It's almost three months and I haven't been bitten once.
  9. drlove

    Dengue Fever 2013

    So... I have been in Pattaya for about 6 weeks. Before I left I bought CVS brand Deet repellant, quite a high amount of deet compared to other brands. I put it on during the day when I go out to places where I've been bitten before - the beach and the hill areas. In the past I was also bitten in my room at night a few times. This time I've changed rooms. I don't use a net to sleep under and anyway dengue mosquitoes bite during the day, so they say. A net would be a bit of a pain unless you have a bed you can hang it on. I'm not sure if it's the repellant or maybe the dry weather, but I haven't been bitten once, day or night. I don't go out a lot during the day anyway cause it's just too hot, but I do walk / jog in the mornings in an area where I was bitten before. That was mainly when I went off the road to pee. The wooded areas around the roads are drier now too. In the past I knew someone who lived and stayed in Pattaya and got dengue.
  10. drlove

    Dengue Fever 2013

    I am about to depart for Thailand and last week I saw a news flash saying that dengue levels are very high this year. Looked online and found "As of March 11, 13,200 Thais have fallen victims of dengue fever so far this year, with 16 fatalities, according to the Public Health Ministry. Officials said that the number of cases and the number of fatalities are both 4 times higher than the same period last year. The ministry’s data shows that cases were reported in all provinces of Thailand. A war room is now in place to monitor the situation and devise measures to contain the disease. The ministry fears the situation would worsen during the rainy season." Has anyone you know gotten it? What have you seen and heard in Thailand? Are you taking additional precautions now? If so, what do you recommend?
  11. Wow! I would never put anything in their pool! You don't know these creeps. They wouldn't stand to be corrected. If inspectors came in, I bet they would close the pool for a month. I might do that anyway, although I'm wondering if I contacted Tourist Police, they would care enough to follow through to health department. Any opinions on that? I have read about what might be in the water and it is highly recommended not to let it into eyes or ears. I have excellent goggles and earplugs so I can prevent that. I haven't gotten any skin rashes and the regular swimmers seem to be coming back everyday in one piece. I do belong to a gym and sometimes I swim there, but it's a 20 minute walk and I don't do taxi motorbike. I do like the idea of testing the water and I might do that.
  12. I'm staying in big building Pattaya - 200 units. Pool gets heavy use and is getting dirtier and dirtier. They have stopped putting chlorine in the water. There is a dried up old barrel in the pool maintenance room, but no more has been purchased for months. The pool is cloudy. I doubt the water is ever changed. Who knows what bacteria is in it. Thai management is absolutely defensive / confrontational re all such issues, so I can't go to them. They wouldn't do anything. A few years ago I saw some guys - I think from Health Dept? - going around testing pool water and talking with staff. It was very civilized. Who are they? Can I contact them? The situation is ridiculous as it is. Other recommendations? It's a nice pool and I don't want to move.
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