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  1. Family Romance, LLC [2019]
    A company in Japan rents human stand ins for any occasion to help dreams come true from a replacement father of a 12 year old girl in the main character role to a bullet train employee stand-in due for a punishing reprimand for poor time keeping, this Werner Herzog fictional film done entirely in Japanese and docudrama style is utterly mesmerizing.

  2. The Adderall Diaries [2015]
    Based on the real life memoir, tells the story of a writer with a penchant for Adderall who hits a low when his father resurfaces to straighten out some past childhood truths. There's two other background stories of a love interest and another of a well known Linux file programmers murder trial that makes the movie a little disjointed but overall passable viewing.

  3. Days Of Heaven [1978]
    Only just got around to seeing this, following the recent passing of Ennio Morricone who created the music, this is perhaps an almost perfect movie by Terrence Malik, a visually stunning period love triangle drama set on an early 1900s Texas farm ranch, a movie that stands the test of time. 

  4. Greyhound [2020]
    This is a worthy 90 minutes of entertaining second world war thrills on the Atlantic high seas when US war ships escort merchant fleets through  German U-boat blockades. The usual fine performances we generally expect of the leads although the rest of the cast are reduced to cliches, the CGI imagery is sufficiently well done and perfected to make the attacks look real.

  5. Lynn + Lucy [2019]
    A superb British drama out digitally in July 2020 with two very strong lead performers playing lifetime friends whose friendship is tested when one has a tragedy in her young family and becomes the scourge of the town. Real down to earth stuff that should be a contender for years best.

  6. Mr.Jones [2019]
    Compelling historical thriller with a top cast based on the true story of a former Welsh foreign affairs adviser turned freelance journalist Gareth Jones who traveled to the USSR during Hitlers rise in power before the second World War to uncover Stalin's propaganda machine. Brutal scenes from Ukraine make this a must see story which was to become the inspiration of Orwell's Animal Farm.

  7. Gods Own Country [2017]
    Brings to mind Brokeback Mountain, this time set in Yorkshire in the muddy farm environment of a family who's young farmers son struggles with his aging parents, binge drinking and gay sexual encounters until he finally settles when a temporary Romanian farm help turns up. A fine movie with a poignant story and some graphic imagery.

  8. The Crown [2016 TV series 1-3]
    You don't have to be a fan of the UK Royals or stuffy soap operas to enjoy this Netflix series which covers the reign of Elizabeth 2. More of interest are the historical events it portrays throughout her history some of which may be new to us. Apparently there will be 3 more series to come.
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