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  1. any one else tried the voice recognition software? Dragon NS is awesome although all I could find at Pantip was 'demo' software of Dragon IBM Via Voice works well but takes more training & is limited in options. lass on the 3rd floor .. on the wall to the left facing the food court had the best voice recognition options. + she could find any software inquired about in nano-seconds! oh, you need a fairly good mic .. the 300 Thb mics are pretty much useless. I found a Shure headset mic that works very well.
  2. I just finished a 'dental trip' Thong Lor, Siam Sq, Bangkok Dental, Bumrungrad, Bangkok Hospital. IMHO .. the place for teeth problems: PolyDental Clinic 02 251-8822, 02 254-8860 on the 2nd floor of a mostly 'Korean complex' next to the 7-11 at Soi 12 .. the clinic actually backs up to King & I massage front door is between the 7-11 & the tourist information stand in the side walk near Soi 12. was construction going on at the complex in September. they cleaned up the mess Bangkok Hospital made. Small clinic that has specialist come in on specific days .. one teaches at the Chula Dental School. another is a specialist in periodontal (gum) disease. they did not charge me for a dentist to clean up what Bangkok Hospital F'ed up had a dentist actually spend time with me teaching me proper tooth brushing technique! best dental clinic in Bangkok!
  3. I used to stay Ekamai @ New Petichuri .. other side of Klong bridge, behind the 7-11 an evening walk to Soi Cowboy was not unusual .. arrive sweaty, BG, "You sweaty." me, "Discount if I'm not sweaty?" BG, "Laugh" .. every f'n time! walkers understand walking .. non-walkers think we're crazy. walkin' for the sake of walkin' sunday mornings in Sukhumvet are sureal the area from the "Soi 33 art bars" toward San Saep offers some beautiful early AM ( pre 7:30 am) wandering walks. & you wander & still always end up on Sukhumvet or New Petchiburi.. The narrow alley like curvey Sois become dangerious once Bangkok arises. the area behind the Mongri Hotel in Chiang Mai (old city) is a maze .. although a relatively small area you can wander for extended periods there, bouncing off the moat & back into the maze + with the moat as a boundry / landmark you can always find your way back to the Tai Pao (sp?) gate / tourist central sidewalks with no vendors & no thorough fares = reasonable safety
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