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  1. So after I put up my original post while the air was bad and the forecast was for a lot more of the same... the next night after I posted, the air cleared. I went for a walk at the beach and could see for miles. Since then the index has been hanging around 100, sometimes lower - between 93 and 114. The mornings after a night of dead air are the worst. I have good N95 masks that fit tight and keep out smoke so I can wear those whenever I need to. I'm very relieved. I don't want to go somewhere else. Thanks for the responses, GG
  2. Been coming to Pattaya happily 15 yrs. A few months here and a few months in USA. Back and forth. I'm well set in both places. I just arrived a few days ago into this Bejing-like air pollution and I see news that it will last another 30 days because of the weather pattern. I know from experience with fires in the US that such predictions just mean "We don't know. Maybe 30 days, maybe a lot more." My THING is exercise, along with those other THINGS we do. I walk 3 - 5 miles a day and I swim in the big pool behind the condo I rent. I can't do it in this level of pollution. So where can I go for sanuk and exercise ? ? I was in Phuket a few times about 18 yr ago. A cheap, basic bungalow around Karon Beach. What I want now would be not too expensive, relaxed, no charge for female visitors. Anywhere in Phuket. Some suggestions Please. Phuket or elsewhere. Thanks, GG
  3. In the past I was using One Year non OA. Now my situation has changed and I came on a 60 Day Tourist visa. I see a lot of info on line but not sure what is official. So: Can I extend 60 Day for 7 days? Can I extend 60 Day for 30 days? I think the 30 day extension would be 1900 baht. How much is 7 day extension. Thank You, Gaw Guy
  4. Bought a Lava Iris 820 2,640 baht (80 USD) at AIS shop. Have had a Samsung Grand Prime 2.5 yr, 8,500 baht ($260). Not knowing much about how these things go, I was thinking the Lava wouldn't be up to standard at all, but I was wrong. Almost identical specs, the Lava processor is slightly faster. Screen size the same. Memory and storage the same. Lava is thinner and lighter and gets apps going faster. It may be because the phone is new and not clogged up yet. It's running Android 6.0 (the Sumsung only upgraded to 5.0.2). There was a little negative feedback about a Lava failing after a year and it's obvious it is all plastic, cheap construction. If that doesn't happen, this would be quite a good deal.
  5. Nevermind... I bought a new Lava 2,600 baht from AIS. It may or may not be good enough. Just getting into it and setting it up. Wasn't expecting to get a non Android OS. Star OS "based on Android 6.0" but it doesn't look like it. And it asks for a shit load of permissions whenever you first access an app. They look like options but if you deny all of them, no access. Like the clock. Do I want the Clock to make and manage phone calls? Allow clock to access photos, media and files!? No! I want the clock to tell me the fucking time! Get the same shit out of Browser.
  6. Are there issues with things the previous owner did that might cast suspicion on the new owner? I know you can reset the phone to it's original state, but ??? Of course there won't be a warranty, so it has to be really cheap. Does Tuk Com have them or need to go to weekly market kind of place. Where else?
  7. Ok. I thought there might be something like a SIM card issue. So drop that. I use AIS and it's working pretty well. So I'll post related questions. Thanks for the responses. Gaw Guy
  8. I have a Samsung smart phone. An unspectacular model that does everything I need, especially serves as Wifi hotspot for my laptops, and runs Skype and email for business, Line for fun. A lot more but space is limited. Last night a Thai lady who dropped her phone off of a taxi (song taeaow) said she would get one very cheap at 7/11. She said the larger one they sell is around 1,000 baht. Anyone know anything about that? Or a better option?? Thanks, Gaw Guy
  9. I came onto this board when it was in its Delphi infancy, around the time of my first trip to LOS and when Khun Sanuk was a young boy. !!! One of the going themes that I bought into was "...if you're going to spend any time in Thailand, show some respect and learn some Thai". So I did. I got lessons with tapes in the bookstores and bought the Matthew Courage computer app on line (before anything was called "app.") and I sat down for about 2 years on and off and studied. I am still not an expert but I can speak, read, and write basic Thai. After a couple of years of learning I felt that I had "arrived" when I met a very nice 21 year old, first time in Pattaya, first time go with Farang, not a "working girl" but had come to work in her aunt's restaurant. I made my only trip to Issan with her and had a grand time buying every kind of drinks for her village friends and family. (She wanted to marry a Farang and I am not suitable, so I respectfully left her with paw/maei and went on my way.) Learning Thai was the best thing I ever did in my pursuit of the Thai female. And I can give one piece of modern advice - learn to read and write a bit so that you can text msg in Thai. It really surprises and pleases women to receive texts from a Farang. And also, once you know when Google Translate is translating things more or less correctly (or has totally gone astray with something,) Google Translate (or the Apple equivalent) is a great aide with messaging. Anyway...learn some Thai. It's good for the brain. And good for the heart. Gaw Guy
  10. Ok...I have 'sanyaan' - สัà¸à¸à¸²à¸“. Can you spell 'tam' in Thai please. Thanks, GG
  11. A girl that I tried to contact told me that on that day she was getting no internet signal from her ISP. I met up with her anyway, but she had never seen my text msgs or calls and she still wasn't getting a signal. What is the word for "signal" in that sense? And how do you say "weak signal" and "bars": "Now the signal strength is only two bars on my phone." Also have been looking for "WiFi" in Thai and only the English WIFI comes up. Phonetically it would be something like ไวไฟ in Thai, but I haven't seen that either. Do they say it some other way, or do they just use English? Thanks, Gaw Guy
  12. As I have said, suddenly for no apparent reason, the thing that you just couldn't make happen, happens. I have been trying to download updates for a week. The download progress indicator just goes back and forth for hours while I do other things. When I check it, "Downloading updates 0% complete." A few days ago I shutdown the system and got the message, "Updates are being installed." When I turned it on again and checked it had installed one update out of 34 that had been listed as "Important updates in the dialogue box." Since then I have tried the "Check for Updates" many times and got the same result as always, "Downloading updates 0% complete." Just a little while ago I went looked at the computer and it had the big box displaying, "Updates are ready to be installed. The system will be restarted in 15 minutes?" What? Really? So I restarted it and then checked Update History. About 30 updates had been installed. Huh? What? How?!! If some expert or Specialist can explain this to me I would be most appreciative. Thanks, GG
  13. Anyway, today the fat lady sang! It's been an arduous journey. In the end it ended like a lot of tech problems where something goes wrong and you don't know why. But it's a big issue and you have to fix it. You try this, and that and the other and nothing works. Over several days you try many more things with no result. Then one day you turn on the system and problem is gone. WTF! You have no idea what the problem was and no idea why it's gone. I'll give more details soon, but for now just know that the extension is taken care of. As one young lady said, tongue in cheek, "Now you can stay here with us for Songkran." Thanks so much for all the help and input along the way. Gaw Guy
  14. OK! Georgetown, Penang. I will be going there one day. Maybe in 6 months.
  15. I appreciate the input about Penang. It's a place I should go. But there's a lot of places I should go. After I decided against it because of the possibility the air could be bad, I thought about Singapore which is rated one of the least polluted countries. Just a two hour flight. Almost everyone speaks some English. Looks like you can get a decent room for about 50 USD a night.
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