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  1. “He has betrayed our national security, and he will do so again…You cannot constrain him. He is who he is. Truth matters little to him. What's right matters even less, and decency matters not at all."
  2. ...three federal crimes that the Justice Department is looking at as part of its investigation: violations of the Espionage Act, obstruction of justice and criminal handling of government records. The inclusion of the crimes indicates the Justice Department has probable cause to investigate those offenses as it was gathering evidence in the search... read the warrant here
  3. FBI sought nuclear documents in search of Trump's home https://www.reuters.com/world/us/fbi-sought-nuclear-documents-search-trumps-home-washington-post-2022-08-12/
  4. one less Trumpanzee... https://apnews.com/article/fbi-cincinnati-armed-man-b4701596a0eb9770e3b29e95328f5704
  5. The Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) has requested that its U.S. counterpart provide aircraft operational expertise pending Congressional approval of the sale of F-35A fighter jets to Thailand... https://www.pattayamail.com/thailandnews/thai-air-force-seeks-u-s-expertise-to-operate-f-35-fighter-jets-406376 What could go wrong?... representative file photo
  6. Former Sri Lankan president Gotabaya Rajapaksa arrived in Thailand on Thursday, as he seeks temporary shelter in a second Southeast Asian country after fleeing his island nation last month amid mass protests. Rajapaksa arrived at Bangkok’s Don Mueang airport on a chartered flight from Singapore after the city-state’s immigration authority said in a statement on Thursday he had left Singapore. Rajapaksa is expected to stay temporarily in Thailand after fleeing Sri Lanka for Singapore on July 14. He resigned from office shortly afterwards following unprecedented unrest over his government’s handling of the worst economic crisis in seven decades, and days after thousands of protesters stormed the president‘s official residence and office. Thai authorities said the former military officer, who is the first Sri Lankan head of state to quit mid-term, had no intention of seeking political asylum and would only stay temporarily. “This is a humanitarian issue and there is an agreement that it’s a temporary stay,” Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha told reporters on Wednesday. Rajapaksa could not participate in any political activities while in Thailand, Prayut said.... https://www.thaipbsworld.com/sri-lankas-ousted-president-arrives-in-thailand-for-temporary-stay/ ____ Prayut, in a live mike moment was heard saying, "...he can stay until they find the Red Bull boy..."
  7. The man-made Mountain B pub fire tragedy which led to at least 15 deaths and dozens of injuries was basically preventable. Police confirmed hours after the fire that one exit door was locked, the operator had no license to operate a pub, the place used inflammable acoustic foam panels and more. Such tragedy is more about why it kept occurring than what to do – the latter should be more of a common sense. Before this writer goes into speculating of the why, let’s note what more do we know so far about the preventable tragedy, where disturbing footages showed the more fortunate one rehashing out of the now completely-burnt down pubs with fire on their bodies – something too disturbing to share a link here. Assistant police commissioner Pol. Lt. Gen. Sompong Chingduang said on Friday after initial investigation on the fire that at least on exit door was locked when the fire broke out after 1am in Chonburi province. He said it is unclear how many exit doors existed and how many of them were locked. What’s more, additional construction was also added without permission. Only two fire extinguishers were found inside the establishment, which was almost completely burnt down. Back on July 16, local police visited the place after having received a complaint of noise. Parts of the building were covered with highly inflammable acoustic foam panels. Imagine if the pub did not lock that one exit door (or possibly more), the death toll would have been considerably lower. Imagine if they were more careful and refrain from using highly inflammable acoustic foam panels which simply supercharged the spread of the fire, imagine if police and related government agencies routinely and dutifully inspect the pub and others, imagine how many lives would have been spared. Here are four factors why I think the concept of safety is abysmally low in Thailand. First, profits and corruption trump all else. From the short-term myopic profit-making point of view, it is easier to control possible unauthorized entrance into the pub by locking its rear exit. If the pub operator did not lock it, they would have to hire at least another security staff to man the exit if not more. A singer at the burnt-down pub said the pub always locked the two rear exit doors in fear of customers leaving without paying. Apparently, it was a fatal cost-cutting strategy. Thanapat “Peach” Puangpae, 24, told reporters on Saturday after laying flowers for the deceased that he always entered the pub from one of the backdoors and a guard would come to unlock it and then lock it again after the musicians entered. He admitted he did not think such tragedy would occur. On the other hand, government officials have failed to ensure that these exits are not locked, and it is possible that they turned a blind eye due to corruption. Second, carelessness, or this may happen to others but not us mentality. Would the owner have done differently, not locking the exit doors, chose fire retardant acoustic foam, and more if they are aware that the risk of a tragedy is high? Probably yes, but again, they probably think the risk is low and it would not happen to them. Third, other people’s lives are less important than that of yours and your family. The pub owner and operator would possibly subject their families to such a low safety standard. Last but not least, all these factors (and possibly more) combined means safety is an alien concept for many Thais. A similar incident occurred back in 2009 in Bangkok at Zantika Pub in Ekkamai where 69 died. Apparently, it is all but forgotten with little or no lesson learned. By Pravit Rojanaphruk https://www.khaosodenglish.com/opinion/2022/08/07/opinion-mountain-b-pub-fire-why-safety-culture-is-abysmally-low-in-thailand/
  8. And this is from FOX so Cav will believe it DOJ asks court to unseal Mar-a-Lago raid warrant; AG Merrick Garland personally signed off on Trump search The FBI raided Mar-a-Lago early Monday in a search for classified records https://www.foxnews.com/politics/doj-asks-court-unseal-mar-a-lago-raid-warrant-ag-merrick-garland-personally-signed-off-trump-search from other sources: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=DOJ+asks+court+to+unseal+Mar-a-Lago+raid+warrant&t=osx&ia=web
  9. I thought so too, but I hoped against hope. Mind you, the game is not yet over, I will say one thing for Trump, he doesn't give up.
  10. I can't find the link today, but I did see a government somewhere, giving it's citizens advice on Monkey Pox which included this important instruction: "Don't attack Monkeys".
  11. and - Former US President Donald Trump has to turn over his tax returns to a congressional committee, a federal appeals court ruled. The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit rejected Trump's appeal of a lower court's ruling allowing the tax returns to be sent to the House Committee on Ways and Means. The committee said in a tweet it expects to receive the tax returns and audit files requested immediately. Dylan Peachey, a spokeswoman for the committee, said additional details would be released soon... https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/us-canada/300658075/trump-must-turn-over-tax-returns-to-house-panel-court-rules chuckle chuckle chortle chortle
  12. Standing in front of a Judge saying "But I was President, that's the King of the Universe!" wont hold much water when they've actually decided to prosecute. They got Capone on Tax, Trump on documents - theft/destruction?
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