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  1. Are you also selling the Jumpsuit?
  2. And yet, if Biden does hang on and "even win", we could be treated, to the spectacle of Mr ordinary convict D. Trump, declaring war on NATO, from a prison exercise yard
  3. and additional details: Judge Arthur Engoron has ordered former president Donald Trump and the Trump Organization to pay over $364 million in penalties. New York Attorney General Letitia James said that with pre-judgment interest, the judgment totals over $450 million, an amount “which will continue to increase every single day” until the judgment is paid. This is in addition to the $83.3 million he has been ordered to pay E. Jean Carroll in her defamation case. So how will Trump afford to pay the staggering fees? and: ... investigation into Trump’s tax returns which kickstarted NY AG Letitia James’ Trump Org. case. ... Trump’s N.Y. civil fraud trial ruling, including the case being redirected to the IRS for audit, and potentially to federal authorities... ... In addition to the $83.3 million he owes to E. Jean Carroll, the IRS audit of the Trump Org. could result in a penalty in excess of $100 million, which is “growing every day” with interest... ...“It’s a real issue… These are huge. And they’re not things you can put off for another day.”
  4. Whilst the destitution is gathering steam, LINK , the Russian thing is building, a little more slowly, but building never the less...
  5. Similarly *IF* one has brain surgery, specifically anything inside the skull, that touches the brain, NZ Doctors are required to inform the Patient- no driving - 6 months. They don't seem to have any requirement to inform the Law. Though after my surgery, no one said a thing. I was watching for it. Nothing. On the other hand getting a gun license here, is a really big rigmarole, so much so, I haven't wanted one. Or a gun. A compound bow, on the other hand, can be got, so long as you only ever use it an a law abiding manner, as with a baseball bat or a crow bar.
  6. Thailand’s jailed former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to be freed Link
  7. Rotary Exchange - that sounds like swinging for polygamists Rotate your girls and whose up next, gets swapped with the one from the other crowd
  8. Indeedy As Justice Roberts notes, if State level courts could deny people running for office, then you've got one group of states denying Democrats, another group denying GOP and further groups, denying black, white, men, women, they, jews, muslims, catholics, etc etc .... How ever, the insurrectionist part has not been addressed.
  9. I suppose it is worth noting, that ever since the Civil War, the "Conservatives" have been trying to regain their long lost status (interpret as you wish) and wealth. I am sure there are folk in Germany and Austria who think that there will be a 4th Reich or at least a Reich 3.1. In the USA the Conservatives have a fighting chance, to achieve their goals, in their misplaced trust of the Drumpf. Mind you they'd give the public Kanye West, if they could get enough votes. Their view is that the person of Dictator doesn't matter, so long as his/her craving is sufficient to allow the wheels of power to be steered by the right (Conservative) people... Yes me too
  10. Bubi, Thursday, U.S time, will either put our collective minds to rest, or worry us mightily : LIVE: Supreme Court hears case to decide if Trump is eligible to run for president. The event is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. ET on Thursday, Feb. 8. go to this LINK
  11. Coss

    Any New Jokes

    Nipples for men. If everything that God does is perfect, then we fellas are meant to suckle. Try telling that to the Bible Belt and their anti LGBTQ brigade... At some point in our evolution, there existed a time wherein males could suckle the young. That can still happen in the outliers of hormonal balance. Everyone thinks that evolution is a grindingly slow process, certainly to get from flat worms to us, it is. To get from our common ancestors with Chimps and gorillas, not so much. and Male mice do not have nipples, male marsupials do not have mammary glands, and male horses lack nipples. The male dayak fruit bat has lactating mammary glands, and male lactation occurs infrequently in some species. So please God fix this, an overnight painless removal of all male human nipples, would demonstrate your existence.
  12. Mr Khan does excel however, in racking up convictions: Imran Khan sentenced to 14 years in prison after third conviction... https://www.stuff.co.nz/world-news/350165532/imran-khan-sentenced-14-years-prison-after-third-conviction
  13. I once saw and still have a vid of a nekked lady at certain canine's "party"
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