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  1. ; top 3 – Panama, Mexico and Indonesia InterNations has released its annual report ranking Thailand as the world’s sixth-best country for expatriates, maintaining its position from the previous year. The survey, which collected responses from over 12,500 expats in February, assesses 53 countries across multiple indices, including quality of life, ease of settling in, working abroad, personal finance, and “expat essentials” such as housing, administration, language, and digital life. Panama leads the rankings as the top destination for expats, with 82% of respondents expressing high satisfaction with their lives there, primarily due to financial benefits, retirement prospects, and an enhanced quality of life. Mexico and Indonesia follow, ranking second and third, respectively. Indonesia made a leap from 13th place last year, praised for its low living expenses, hospitable locals, and balanced work-life environment. Spain, Colombia, and Thailand complete the top six. In contrast, the bottom ten countries include Kuwait, which ranks last, followed by Turkiye, Finland, Germany, Canada, Norway, Italy, Malta, Ireland, and the UK, all of which face various challenges that detract from the expat experience.The report provides a comprehensive look at the lives of expatriates globally, exploring the various elements that influence their happiness and overall experience living abroad. (NNT) and the photo
  2. THAI CABINET TO CONSIDER REVISED CONTROVERSIAL SUBMARINE DEAL WITH CHINA... https://www.khaosodenglish.com/featured/2024/07/06/thai-cabinet-to-consider-revised-controversial-submarine-deal-with-china/ Admiral Cholathit Navanugraha... has medals, badges, clean office... BANGKOK — The long-troubled procurement of Chinese submarines, stemming from a G2G contract during Thailand’s military government, has reached a conclusion and is being presented to the current elected government’s cabinet meeting. It seems Thailand has limited options, as the key issue of desiring German-made engines, which became prohibited in 2020 due to EU sanctions on China, was actually a weakness in the contract from the beginning. Admiral Cholathit Navanugraha, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Navy and Chairman of the Submarine Procurement Committee, explained that since the Navy signed the contract in 2017, it specified the procurement of MTU 396 diesel engines to power the submarines’ generators. The contract with China only specified the engine code, not that it must be purchased from Germany. In 2021, China notified that they couldn’t procure engines with this code and would use CHD 620 instead. The Navy has been trying to resolve this issue since then, including sending a 23-person team to test the Chinese engines, which were confirmed to meet the original specifications....
  3. All Blacks - England 16-15
  4. a "niche for info sharing and camaraderie among farang visitors (and locals, and alumnae) to the Thai entertainment scene. " Best descriptor I've seen, thanks Jigger.
  5. That's what I thought. Call it an official act and Biden won't live long anyway so, one good act, before he leaves the room...
  6. Ahhh... and now the endless argument begins: ...the majority opinion by Chief Justice John Roberts, the court said former presidents are entitled to "absolute immunity" from criminal prosecution for actions within their "conclusive and preclusive" constitutional authority. Former presidents, Roberts wrote, are entitled to at least presumptive immunity from prosecution for all their official acts. There is no immunity for unofficial acts, the court said. The court sent the case back to the trial court to determine whether some of Trump’s alleged conduct is official or unofficial, which will likely at least add further delay to the case, making it even more unlikely to go to trial before the November election. More specifically, Roberts wrote: Certain allegations — such as those involving Trump’s discussions with the Acting Attorney General — are readily categorized in light of the nature of the President’s official relationship to the office held by that individual. Other allegations — such as those involving Trump’s interactions with the Vice President, state officials, and certain private parties, and his comments to the general public — present more difficult questions. Although we identify several considerations pertinent to classifying those allegations and determining whether they are subject to immunity, that analysis ultimately is best left to the lower courts to perform in the first instance... https://www.msnbc.com/deadline-white-house/deadline-legal-blog/supreme-court-trump-ruling-immunity-election-interference-delay-rcna155440 _____ Worth noting is that official acts can be defined (e.g.invading a country) but does ordering an assassination, on one's opponents also fit? And this decision leaves it up to the lower courts to sort out a lot of the questions around the SCOTUS opinion. For a read from someone I reckon has his head screwed on properly, see Neal Katyal - https://www.msnbc.com/top-stories/latest/sotomayor-trump-immunity-dissent-election-rcna159769 __________________________________________________________________________ So not cut and dried, plenty of wiggle room for Fox and friends and also a plenty of avenues to tar and feather Trump.
  7. Because I'm the plonker who started this thread, I thought maybe we'd better have a time frame for this collection of thoughts. On the one hand we need time to collect all, from the members, on the other hand if someone has not posted in a year, do we wait? I propose that after a week, I'll do a summation and a poll and then report to your good selves.
  8. A note: Times have moved on and the restrictions around content of the board, may well be able to be eased, as the authorities now, will have no oversight of a board owner, who lives in Thailand and theretofore, is subject to the laws currently in place around the display of skin and the heritage of certain folk. So there is that.
  9. As he doesn't post much on the open board and the information being discussed was from a P.M. I thought he might appreciate a bit of anonymity on the public board, those who know his board name will glean that from the asterisked version. It may be unnecessary, but I'm a cautious fella.
  10. Now that time has passed, RIP K.S. Given how slow the contributions to the board are, it might be time to examine it's future. I'm posting this as a conversation starter. Salient points: There are a few of us left. J***** is the owner now. The board costs about $400 / year for license and hosting. Quiet conversations have indicated that there is a desire from some, to continue the board. ______________ I'm not posting this so as to be, the "leader", I'm just trying to help if I can. So my questions and ideas are as follows: Are we numerous enough? Do we remain a public facing board or should we think more in terms of a gentlemen's club? Should we (the members) contribute a little financially ? (I reckon we should) Perhaps appoint subject specialists, to oversee a particular section and seek content therein. ______________ Other ideas Get some advertising as the once was. Allow more nudity as appropriate.. for a nightlife board. Consider theme and look etc. ______________ Personally I'm happy to serve in whatever role, going into the future. I am also ambivalent about no role, or no board. Any Mods left? please make yourself known in the Mods section. As far as I can see, there's J*****, (God Powers), me, (minor Mod powers) and a small league of esteemed gentlemen. ______________ Please have at it.
  11. Certainly if I became aware of an incursion into a network or other, that i was responsible for, I might give them enough rope to hang themselves. Esp if the information was going to be released anyway, not that I could possibly know, that this might be the case in the Assange case.
  12. I thought Biden was as people saw, old n fumbley, words missing, a very poor show. Trump was quite restrained, remarkable. But lie, after lie, after lie, as a commentator said and even I could see, no fact checking required. I saw footage of Biden at a Democrat after function and he was transformed, like the aged stuff before, was an act. Maybe this is a play act, to get Kamala in as the nominee, with a believable back story as to why. Remembering that both Trump and Biden are presumptive nominees, they do not have to be the nominee, on the day. Quite cunning if true, Kamala as the Democrat Nominee would give Trump conniptions, Black and a Woman? and perspicacious. Trump would melt down and alienate swathes of America.
  13. watching Biden v Trump debate Old man v Con man. 30 mins in and its getting entertaining...
  14. I take your point. I offer a contrasting option. There are many folk, for whom, such exploits are and have been achievable. From both sides of the game. and "We had total control over it for two years," is the equivalent of a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar saying, "Oh yeah I eat cookies whenever I want, all the time". Many people who can and have done such things, do not, then go on to smash the cookie jar open, in front of the Church Congregation on Sunday during service...
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