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  1. I have accounts at SCB and Bangkok Bank. I recently rec'd email from SCB shown below. Failure to submit the requested documents which don't amount to much "will result in you being reported as recalitrant" to some agency of US government. I'm in the US for several months and so I sent the documents by registered mail for $17USD. I have not had similar contact from Bangkok Bank. They may have tried to mail me in LOS but I use a rented room and mail isn't saved for me when I'm gone. I checked my online account with them and there is no message about it. Does anyone know anything about this? Pls see copy of email from SCB below. Thanks, GG In accordance with recent enactment of U.S. legislation known as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)1 , and based on our files, you are a U.S person and SCB Financial Group 2 are required to obtain additional documentation from you to update and complete your file recorded with us. We have previously sent out a letter by post to you requesting documentation from you as a U.S. or Non U.S Person for the purpose of the compliance with the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), however, as of the date of this letter, we have not yet received any response and would like to once again request your kind cooperation. Therefore, in order to ensure compliance with FATCA and to maintain a completion of our records, please fill out the following attached documentation as outlined below either by handing it in to the branch where you opened any account with SCB, or by post at the address outlined below immediately: 1. Declaration of Status as a U.S Person or Non U.S Person 2. IRS form W-9 3. Signed copy of your passport
  2. Thank you. I don't have an AIS phone and I had already looked at AIS website on my laptop, but really couldn't sort it out. Your response prompted me to look for AIS app, which I found and installed and it displayed all my info without log in. Previously I wasn't able to get the AIS internet website to display my data usage. I'm sure I will be able to do everything else I need to on my own via the app. Thanks to all for all the responses. GG
  3. I have my Samsung Galaxy Prime phone. It's on the big, heavy side so I don't carry it. I use it only as a tablet, not a phone. I have a little phone. The Prime is my first smart phone and when I bought it I bought 100 baht phone time, plus a data package. This is all Prepaid, cash over the AIS counter. I get an irritating monthly message: Monthly fee of Calling Melody Service has been charged. You can continue to use this service. (WTF!? I didn't ask for that and I don't want to pay for it.) I'm not sure what Calling Melody is but I'm guessing it is the melody a caller hears when they call you. Is that right? I didn't ask for it and I believe the fee is 35 baht/month. Two questions: 1) Do I even need to pay for phone service. Will my data / internet work if my phone balance goes to zero? 2) If I pay for phone, can I get rid of the Calling Melody thing and not lose anything else? i.e., will the phone function work without it if I decide to use it? Or is this something AIS attaches automatically to a smart phone and won't work without it? Thanks, Gaw Guy (PS: Telling me I'm too stupid to own a smart phone won't be helpful. I didn't return it as was recently suggested, nor did I return my computer as was suggested by same at one point. I appreciate that I have a special fan, but as you can see, I continue to ask my questions, stupid or not. But if you really must bash...Up2U)
  4. You see the problem here... They look so bootylicious. And have such a bad rep. I've gone with a lot of black women. Lived with three. P4P with a couple of others and had a couple of more g/f's. But these ones here -- uh-uh, I don't think so. GG
  5. I like that observation. Also buffalo_bill "There are a hundred of them looking for customers all night at Sukhumvit and I find them just frightening." Now see... I didn't know that. I had no idea. It makes perfect sense. I haven't been to BKK for 12 yrs. It's so much fun to be ignorant - I learn so much. Tell me more. In Patts I think most of them come from Madagascar. Thanks. GG
  6. Well... your explanations in this forum are clear and analytical. Much appreciated and always a pleasure. I immediately registered your use of the word "squirrelly" - very colloquial as you say and now you say you are from Hillbilly stock in Ohio. I am the same. Father born in 1919 and raised on farm in Illinois. We visited there many times in my early childhood and, though I'm not proud of it all these years later, we did hunt and we did shoot squirrels with .22 for target practice. We skinned and roasted them sometimes. We also shot / ate rabbits and bullfrogs. BTW are you familiar with Hickory Nuts? I have never seen or heard of them outside of Illinois. Easy enough to gather and incredibly hard to shell. Like trying to break a ball bearing. Then you get just a little "meat" for your effort, but it is really delicious. It would be interesting if someone else has come across them. GG
  7. Minor update: Last night, returning from my long exercise walk down the Beach road I was captivated by a 24yo Afro girl. Surprisingly, like some Thai girls do when making their sales pitch, this one held my hand warmly. She was very cute and nicely put together in all the right places. But again, virtually no English. And again when I was having difficulty understanding, she asked me if I spoke English. So this is a phrase these young ladies teach each other. I told her she was beautiful and she said thank you - that much she understands. Out of curiosity I asked How Much and she responded 1,000 baht, which makes sense. I told her I couldn't that night and she said okay. I've been coming to LOS for oh so many years and have oh so much experience. I know and understand Issan Thai women inside and out. I also speak enough Thai so that before an encounter I can explain what I want and if issues arise later, I will at least be able to understand and we can always sort it out. Happy or not I pay a good amount and 99.8% of the time they leave with a smile. I may not be happy, but mai pen rai - I've got plenty of time and I'll get happy tomorrow. With the Afro girls I am entirely at sea. The last thing I want is they come to my room, I put on condom, they lay down. Nothing like that. I want a massage and I want other somewhat unusual services. If a girl is special I want a continuing relationship. With the Afro girls I just don't think it would happen. My guess is service would be minimal and special requests would be ignored and they would be one off. Then there is the issue of trust - are they out to rip me off in some way? I'm just not sure. I have had Afro American, Afro Caribbean and a Liberian girlfriend, all in the USA. Like the better Thai girls, when they give sex, they take pride in leaving a lasting memory. The Afro girls here...I don't think so. Until someone tells me different, it's a no go for me.
  8. Thank you again t-d for the clear, detailed, rather academic explanation. I like academic. "...why don't you wanna use เจอà¸à¸±à¸™?" For one reason, I use เจอà¸à¸±à¸™ all the time in text msgs and I was looking for a little variety - a nicety in English, but maybe silly in Thai? Secondly, this girl is actually one I see by chance well down the length of the beach road when I take my evening exercise walk. I saw her every day at the same place after I first met her and I would stop and talk for a minute. I'm probably wrong, but เจอà¸à¸±à¸™ suggests intent to me, even mutual intent, which is say that to me it implies that we were planning to meet. That's how I always use it. Am I wrong? And what about พบà¸à¸±à¸™, which might be a little less intentional? For the moment I will send off a text with: ไม่เห็นหน้ามานานà¹à¸¥à¹‰à¸§ Thank you. GG
  9. I actually mean "seen" with my eyes, not "met" How is this for a guess - if it is poorly worded, why? : ไม่ได้เห็นคุณมานานๆà¹à¸¥à¹‰à¸§
  10. That's interesting, honest and not encouraging. That's ok. I'm looking for honest experience. This is only a notion right now. I'm not jumping into it. I'm happy with Thai girls, but variety is the spice of life and here we have a bit of variety on offer. I'd say that there are about 10 or 15 Afro girls around and about. Maybe 3 - 5 along the beach in an evening. I see even cuter ones around S. Pattaya area. I don't think they are tourists - they are a bit extra dressy and made up. Maybe they hook up on Badoo or something. You would think they have to be more careful than Thai ladies when they go with a guy. If they cross the wrong line, they can have their ticket cancelled. And I don't imagine the authorities are overly happy that they have come over to "help out." GG
  11. Still would like REAL info on the TOPIC please.
  12. There are more of them every time I come here and there are more cute ones. Hmmm... I'm thinking about it. I was talking to one tonight at the beach. I could not understand her English, which she insisted that she could speak and seemed to think I could not. I think she said she wanted 500b short time. I thought maybe they want more, but I've never asked before. I also read a post about a yr or more ago - poster had problem with black girl met on street in BKK. She wanted more money than she first stated and then got nasty about it. I don't want a problem. I know there are no guarantees. Anyone have much experience with Afro girls in LOS? Good experience? Bad? Thanks, Gaw Guy
  13. If she has time, kindly as your secretary to GT for your peu-an GawGuy. He Googled that for himself (b4 posting) and came up dry. Pls let me know what she finds. Many thanks.
  14. Do you mean just the Camera app, or all Android 4.4.4 ??
  15. Overall this is really a nice collection of photos! Love it.
  16. So... They want bank account info to register? Or do they ask you for it when you want to buy something? The vid I saw shows that they have thousands of stickers you can use to communicate - "a sticker is worth a thousand words" kind of thing. I got the impression that they are free (and who has time to look thru thousands of them anyway?) Plenty of goofy little Japanese, Korean and Thai girls I guess.) What is the appeal for us? When I say "us", I don't know about you but I'm a serious, older type. (I'm a bit new to smart phones, but I finally got one and I have the overall feel: Smart phones are for girls. They take selfie, selfie, selfie every 3 minutes to check their makeup.) Thanks for your input. What else do I need to know? GG
  17. When I go into Camera mode on my Samsung phone and I take one photo or video the phone continues to take photos on its own. Of the floor, or the wall, everything. Is there a way to stop this without leaving Camera mode? Thanks, GG
  18. A friend of mine seems to like Line which came pre-installed on my Samsung phone. I watched a little youtube vid about Line and am wondering if it about the same as Skype, except that Line is free and has a goofy Japanese-girl interface? Does anybody use it? How do they make their money? When they say free, I wonder what info of mine they are selling... Thanks, Gaw Guy
  19. I heard a way to say this but I don't remember what it was: "I like you because you have a happy disposition" or "happy personality" I see ร่าเริง but I thought I had heard it another way too. Thanks...Gaw Guy
  20. As all veteran sanukers know, "I'm on my period" is the number one lie to get out of anything. I might be wrong, but in this case I don't think she's lying, mainly because she is so new to this work. I was the third farang she went with and she was shy at first and then grateful that I was nice to her, that I spoke Thai and that I paid her well. I saw her when I was out and she didn't see me and she was with a bunch of nice Thai friends, girls and boys, just chatting, being comfortable, not drinking. In other words she's a nice girl and seems very sincere. She doesn't know how to manipulate farangs yet and maybe she won't even when she knows how. It's refreshing to meet them at this stage. She went with me twice and seemed very happy to do so. I think she's telling the truth. Also the way she puts it is so indirect and charming. They usually just say they are "prajam duan" and aren't available. GG
  21. Taking poetic license: My period came on and the flow was so awesome that my oyster started to smoke.Blood and fumes poured out. It shows that I'm a very healthy lady, but it's inconvenient for providing special services in your room. Things will calm down in a week and I'll come burn down your house.
  22. Thank you. I pretty much got the gist. What do you make of the first phrase?? มาควันนี้ Thanks, GG
  23. Are there spelling errors in this that are making it incomprehensible? มาควันนี้ เลือดฉันมาพอดีคงไม่สะดวà¸à¹„ป อีà¸7วันเราค่อยเจอà¸à¸±à¸™ เลือดฉันหมดà¸à¹ˆà¸­à¸™à¸™à¸°à¸„่ะ Google Translate doesn't get it: "The smoke is still not easy to fit into my blood. 7 days we'll meet. My blood before me" The first phrase should not be about smoke. Maybe she was trying meuh kheun nii - last night, and just misspelled it. I think she's saying her period started last night (with a good flow, a funny way to put it to a foreign guy) and will be a problem for 7 days until the blood stops. I'm guessing. I did talk to her on the phone yesterday afternoon and told her I wanted to see her the next day and she said ok and I said I would text her. This is her text back to me today. Gaw Guy
  24. I loaded the Polaris package on my phone and opened a Word file with it. It is a file of Thai and English phrases. It was fine and showed both Thai and English content, however I need to be able to search for particular words. I didn't see any search function. I also search in Excel files. Without Search I can't use this file. It's too many pages and I definitely can't scroll thru to do what I was doing in a second with Ctrl-F on laptop. Is there a package of programs for Android that have a search function? Thanks, GG
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    Sex works like that, here there or anywhere. You two were watching tv, the program was boring, there's nothing else on, so: "You want to do it?" "Well...I guess so. Whatever." "Okay. Whatever." Boredom bores that pants off of everyone. Then babies hatch - babies of boredom.
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