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  1. If you were a tailor making suits for people, you would be entitled to charge more for the extra material that a larger person required. If you ran a restaurant that offered a product called a 'meal', you would be entitled to charge more if certain people required more of your expensive ingredients to be satisfied by this 'meal'. So why not airlines? Weight (and size) obviously makes a big difference. Btw, I think you're bitter from being too close to the business. If you look at it from where I'm standing, it seems to me that airlines is one of those few areas where service and prices have improved over the past 10-15 years. Prices lower in real terms than when I first flew to Thailand (even though oil is much more expensive), better choice, more budget airlines, etc. (Unfortunately, it's because got so easy and cheap to fly that we're getting more lowlifes coming here. )
  2. About farking time too! Fatties, shape up! [.... awaits Teddy and other defenders of the obese... ]
  3. Now that's getting to dangerous levels. For 10K, some of us would dress up in a plastic Tussinee suit and try to lure you into taking us. In your heat, like a bull fooled into injecting his semen into a tube, you could very well fall for it. I can see Old Hippie practising his Tussinee voice right now...
  4. Sorry frede, if I knew I'd tell you. I haven't seen her about. I know where 6 or 7 'Nigel' girls are but I haven't seen Tusinee. I think I'd recognise her if I had. For some time, I've really wanted to fuck 'Jee' or 'Dee' (the one with the big tits on the right hand side of the top banner in this link: http://asianbabymakers.com/t3/?nats=NTE6Mjk6OQ,0,0,0,0 ) She's also in candiddingdongs but under the older videos. I saw her in something more recent and she'd gained a lot of weight so sadly she's probably already a porker now anyway. Torneyboy - you're right. Frede really IS on a mission! He's posted the same question on the pattayasecrets forum!
  5. I think you may have to name a solid figure in the email just to get her interest (or her manager's). Did you do that? Another approach could be to show her photo to a load of girls and see if anyone knows her for a commission. I'd guess she'd worked in Pattaya.
  6. Did you really mean a midget or just a spinner? If it's a midget you want, there's one in Lollipop, or was working outside Lollipop, until a few weeks ago. I heard she's now dancing in there now! There are plenty of girls around as small as Tussinee ("spinners").
  7. I thought you had experience of Thailand, Satrai. "She looks 14" is something I'd expect to hear from a jealous fat first time farang woman at a gogo. I heard something to that effect the last time one talked to me in one. That time the girl was actually about 20 and the same is obviously true here. (OK, maybe 19 ) I used to want to bone Tussinee too when I saw the 'innocent' photos of her on AsianThumbs. Then I got hold of a hardcore video of her and somehow the lust went away. I also realised she reminded me of a girl now working in DC10 (but how that girl looked 10 years ago in 'Hollywood Stars' when she was a similar age. Now she looks like an older sister.) I deleted the vid just before coming back to England this week after the 'immigration troubles' thread made me paranoid. I thought the customs officers might see it and think the same way as you, Satrai. (The usual encryption stopped working so I couldn't hide it. ) Frede - why don't you simply ask the webmaster?
  8. What are you talking about, Munchie? You've been conned into thinking Patpong's good for years! (Actually I did see one cute gogo dancer there the other night and there was at least one competent bj bar girl. :thumbup: ) The scam I can't believe the authorities allow to continue is the late night "monks" walking around with their hands out for a donation. Surely that's insulting to Buddhism and real monks?
  9. I know what you mean. The girls are just too relaxed there sometimes. I remember last year being knackered and, knowing I would be checking out later that day, wanting to take a girl home. Even though she liked me, her interest in having "just one more game" of pool at 6am was just too much and I sloped off home alone.
  10. How about blowjobs? Nana freelancers are a much riskier bet than your average shag. Even so, JS was unlucky. On a one-off encounter with such a girl, a bookie would still have given pretty high odds for him contracting HIV from it. There are some nice public confessions and promises from various people to change and reconsider their lifestyles but I don't believe it'll last long. It's human nature. HIV's been around for over 25 years already. I don't see a GoodThaiGirl chaste world yet. People didn't stop having sex at the worst of times so I don't think it's going to happen any time soon.
  11. Pigland' date=' I m not at all insulted by your comments, number one reason being that you arent being insensitive on purpose. I think you are just plain ignorant...[/quote'] He's Pig Ignorant
  12. I think I've read somewhere that it usually would have shown up by that time but you should really check on 3 months and after to make sure. Not having it after 2 months is better than having it at 2 months but you should still check again. Here you go - http://www.thebody.com/content/art6113.html#when So your odds look pretty good. :thumbup:
  13. I'd stick with the NHS specialist clinics first rather than Bumrungrad and see how it goes. You'll be able to tell how well it's going from T-cell counts, viral loads, etc. Was pretty sure I had it 18 months ago - I had a girl message me angrily accusing me of giving it to her and, knowing where I've been and the number of insane risks I've taken, I thought "Fair enough". I was fully prepared for a positive result and was surprised when it didn't arrive. I didn't even have Hep. Reading up beforehand, I was a little concerned about having the E type or variants of it compared to what I thought the "usual" British patient would have but I'd give it time first. If you've only recently been infected, your counts should be OK and they probably won't recommend any treatment for quite a while. I was pretty 'Meh' about it. The worst thing for me was thinking about girls I could have infected - girls who wouldn't have access to the same kind of treatment. (Curiously, btw, the UK doesn't insist on HIV tests for immigrants like Australia and the US. In the US, HIV+ people have to declare it just for normal visits! ) Are you going to go back to Thailand? Does the girlfriend know yet? If you go back, you'll start looking at girls in a different light. You'll notice girls who've got thinner since last trip, girls with coughs, in worse health. There's a shadow world out there.
  14. It's not as bad as before. You can live a normal life-span nowadays with all the treatments available, side-effects are reduced and there's only a tiny chance you won't respond to any treatment. You probably won't even have to take medicine until your virus load gets high enough or your T-cells low enough - maybe a couple of years. I guess your counsellor/clinic people told you all that already? Finally, you're lucky you live in a country where the treatments are paid for. Here's a resource you may find useful if you haven't seen it already - http://www.thebody.com/ Good luck
  15. "It's better to give than receive". Bollocks, is it! Especially when it comes to blowjobs, it isn't. I can't believe I used to fall for that one, getting down on my knees for Uncle Bob...
  16. This level of paranoia always surprises me. To put it in perspective, on the one hand, maybe your local internet cafe's got the most sophisticated spy-software/hardware in the world installed, recording your every move with criminal intent. On the other hand, wouldn't it be easier and cheaper for them to install a simple spy camera above your head? And how many frauds would they be able to perpetrate anyway, before they're tracked down to the obvious source? Doesn't seem worth it to me. There are much easier ways of defrauding someone. Anyway, why stick to computer paranoia? A similarly likely scenario could be someone monitoring your writing through a hidden camera as you write confidential details on a form in a bank... Suppose you're a fraudster... what would you do? Anyway - useful software. Haven't tried it yet, but this looks good - http://www.avantbrowser.com/. Freeware, a browser upgrade to IE that can block popups, filters shockwave ads (for me, they're getting as bad as pop-ups), integrates with google search and gives you tabbed browser windows.
  17. I've used WinMx successfully to find software. The more popular stuff is quite easy to find.
  18. I use WinMX for filesharing stuff. Tried a few others but they annoyed me after about 10 seconds so I uninstalled them. WinMX seems to find everything I want.
  19. 11. The nanaplaza flyonzewall filter? ::
  20. IrfanView includes a screen capture facility. Could use www.dictionary.com for spellchecks.
  21. Ditto MusicMatch Jukebox. Also: 1. PerfectDisk Professional disk defragmenter - defragments everything, including boot files. Improves the performance of a PC noticeably after each use. 2. PopUpCop - Kills the annoying unauthorised windows you don't want when browsing. Customisable, by sites, features you want/don't want, etc, etc. Also can clean your history, URLs, etc, as you close, so your privacy is kept. 3. Dekart Private Disk Lite - gives you encrytable virtual disk capability. 4. IrfanView Everyone'll say this one! The freeware graphics file viewer/utility. 5. Internet Explorer Yes, I still prefer it. I think people miss the point when they go on about its size or say that Opera's faster. I've got Opera installed too and have tried others but I always find myself coming back to IE. It's bigger and (slightly) slower because it's got more features - Dynamic HTML, for one - that can make websites better.
  22. bibblies


    Foodland - prices start at just over 200 baht (and they're drinkable! ) and go up to about 500 for premium brands (Finlandia, etc). (I acquired the same taste )
  23. My girl can eat Mexican food - she's neutral on it. I think she finds it a bit stodgy, that's all. But Indian food's another matter, isn't it? They don't even give it a chance. They visibly curl up and wither as they approach the restaurant! Another odd food she likes is black olives, served in olive oil, oregano and garlic. Loves 'em!
  24. Says jasmine: Xenophobic, many Thais are. Don't let flyonzewall hear you say that! He won't have it, you know. (He might be placated somewhat by the fact you like German bread though. Like throwing a steak to a hungry guard dog, that. : Bloody hell! You even like cheese?! :: I thought that was the anti-Christ of all foods for the Thai.. (Hang on, you don't like Marmite too, do you?)
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