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  1. Your folks getting in a fuzz at the Canadians then:


    A Canadian brewery has apologised for unwittingly naming one of its beers after a Maori word that is commonly used to mean pubic hair.

    Hell's Basement Brewery in Alberta said it released its Huruhuru pale ale two years ago, thinking it meant "feather".

    But Maori TV personality Te Hamua Nikora pointed out the common interpretation of the word in a Facebook video.

    The brewery's founder said the product would now be rebranded.

    "We acknowledge that we did not consider the commonplace use of the term huruhuru as a reference to pubic hair, and that consultation with a Maori representative would have been a better reference than online dictionaries," Mike Patriquin told Canadian network CBC.

    "We wish to make especially clear that it was not our intent to infringe upon, appropriate, or offend the Maori culture or people in any way; to those who feel disrespected, we apologise."

    Mr Nikora also criticised a leather store in New Zealand for using the name Huruhuru and said he had contacted both the store and brewery over their use of the word.

    "Some people call it appreciation, I call it appropriation," he said.

    "It's that entitlement disease they've got. Stop it. Use your own language."

    A spokesperson for the New Zealand leather store told the RNZ news site they had meant no offence by the name, which they had intended to mean wool, or feather or fur.

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  2. 16 hours ago, Coss said:

    Trump: There are those that say, you can test too much. You do know that.

    Swan: Who says that?

    Trump: Oh, just read the manuals. Read the books.

    Swan: Manuals? What manuals?

    Trump: Read the books. Read the books.

    Swan: What books?

    Well obviously the books and manuals that say you can test too much, isn't it obvious. As a percentage of all books, our books, which are very good books, the best books, are clearly the ones with the right information, and its very good information, the best, best ever information. Look here on this chart, it's all green, that's good right, and its a long line, the best ever line, very green. But not China, then I'm going to ban Tik Tok and they will sell it to someone, I don't know, might be Microsoft, lets see, then the treasury gets some money so the Chinese virus will go away. Then when its gone everyone will know how I fixed it.


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  3. In 1960, during my gestation, my mother was offered Thalidomide but as she was not generally predisposed to taking any drugs of any sort unless absolutely necessary she refused it. I think that's called bullet dodging, but it does tend to make you appreciate different things, like arms and legs.

    I don't think anyone of 70 or over would object to medication just because the effects 20 years on might not be known. It would be a much greater concern for someone of 40.

  4. 1 hour ago, Mekong said:

    Maybe it is my Engineering background but I am  stickler for standards, they make the world follow the same rules. One of these is the IPA or International Phonetic Alphabet, you all know it, Alpha, Brave, Charle etc Tango Golf is Thai Airlines, it was invented over 100 years ago and has stood the World well.

    The World except “Her Indoors” she has her own Phonetic Alphabet, B is Bangkok, S is Singapore, T is Thailand etc, every time she is on the phone using S is Singapore I can feel myself seething but there is no point in saying anything since I would be told “This is the Thai way, Western way is wrong”

    This is the Thai way, the number of times I have heard that haha, I have, in certain instances proven “The Thai Way” incorrect by Maths only to be told western mathematics is wrong. Now a days I am resigned to shrugging my shoulders, saying “Whatever” realise it is an argument I will never win and accept that there is “A Thai Way”

    Able Baker Charlie David England Freddy George Henry Italy Japan Kentucky London Mexico Norway Oboe Peter Queen Radio Sugar Tango United Victory Whisky X-ray Yankee Zanzibar.

    Authorised UK government phonetic alphabet for secure transcripts.


  5. 3 hours ago, Coss said:

    Note the variability.


    long watch




    That's very nice. Interesting to observe the 11 year cycle in a somewhat real time change. The peak of cycle 24 around 2012-13 when you see the most activity in the form of active sunspots, the dark patches, was actually one of the lowest peaks on record, nothing like cycle 19 around 1956 or even cycles 21 and 22 in the 1980's and 90's closer in fact to the lowest known period f sun activity known as the Maunder minimum. Indications are that the next peak, cycle 25, of which you can see the first few spots right at the end of the video from late last year and early this year, will be an even lower peak.

  6. I think they would need to apply at the embassy in their home country for a visa based on marriage. I recall for UK the only requirements were marriage cert, Thai ID card, house paper and my bank statement. All as copies.

    Pretty sure a "fit to fly" issued within 3 days document and the US$100k equivalent insurance covering COVID-19 will also be requirements

  7. Thanks to Coss for the previous videos, led me down an interesting rabbit hole. Along the way was this. The guy these two YT'rs get schooled by is a real piece of work. Great explainer. Early on I learned Basic on computers with core storage, Data General Nova 2000 as I recall, timeshared so the machine was not actually on site. We had cre storage and other cards so we could see and understand how and what computers were, this was around 1975. The way he explained telemetry analysis has them seriously bothered, weeks on hands and knees with a 40 foot long piece of paper looking for a changed number.

    I hadn't realised they were using discrete TTL. I know it was logic, early PLL's were TTL, seeing the way they produced the integrated circuits, between 2 and 8 transistors looks surprising familiar albeit on a gargantuan scale. About the best 45 minutes I've had this week. When the U.S really showed how to do it and what it took.



  8. I've quizzed both my kids at length about this, really just to be sure they haven't faced any difficulties and to look for signs there might be any underlying issues. Both have said they never experienced any kind of problems or even questions, they are accepted as totally Thai, at least so far, now late teens and both very active socially. Both at school and now at university they are mixing with a lot of half Thai other people from various differing ethnicities. The impression I get from them is rather that this kind of racism in Thailand is more an older generation problem.


  9. 2 hours ago, Flashermac said:

    For years Immigration has been telling us to do our 90-day "probation officer" report on line. The only problem is that 9 times out of 10, the damned link won't work.

    Now they are saying our visas and 90-day report period has been extended to 31 July. Can't you just picture the crowds descending on Immigration on that day?  :)

    Also, the government is talking about allowing the bars, MPs etc to reopen. Problem is no flights are allowed into Thailand, so it will be up to the locals and expats to go to them.


    Can you imagine the girls begging for immediate rescue packages when these places open up. Probably no limits to their offers.


  10. 20 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:

    Gentlemen, not asking for personal reasons I swear but from a scientific approach I like to know if somebody  keen on a decent boom boom might consider what? Myself I am strictly against any infidelity in a relationship but occasionally find a willing lady in a massage shop. But now thay are all closed, are they?

    Most are online, Thai Friendly, Tinder, Date in Asia, Smoochi and myriad others. Most are CMF (Chat/Meet/Fuck) usually with immediate post payment, beware those who refuse, the hooks can be deep. Smoochi is more OPF (Order/Pay/Fuck)

    Just a re-imagining of the Thermae, coffee shop, hook up, Beer Bar concept. If you happen to be a massagee shop apologist, just add that requirement to your chat messages. SImples.





  11. 6 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:

    I swear it ain´t no joke but this is my real telephone. I don´t need anything else. The esteemed community should come up with useful suggestions how to operate the mysterious app on this my my beloved unit.


    Start by grasping the phone in your hand as you normally would, between the thumb and the partially closed fingers of your hand , with the screen up but with the bottom of the phone pointing away from you. Once you have achieved a suitable grip move your hand near to your pants pocket. Ensuring that there is indeed an opening in the pants pocket carefully guide the bottom of the phone to engage with the opening. Carefully continue with the insertion process until the phone is well inserted into the pants pocket. Note that this might require your hand to be fairly deeply embedded in your pants pocket, do not worry and resist the temptation to consider redeployment of your hand. Once the phone is securely embedded in the pants pocket release your grip and withdraw your hand taking care not to allow the phone to become withdrawn at the same time. With your phone now safely located in your pants pocket you can complete the registration task.

    Retrieve the pencil offered by the outstretched unwashed hand of the grinning security guard dressed in the latest uber scarecrow and who has his face mask wrapped around his chin and one finger deeply ensconced in a nostril. Sign your name, address, date of birth, social security number, sexual orientation, sexual preference, sexual pricing preference and favourite sexual accessories. Write a 200 word statement praising the remarkable achievements of the glorious Snr Sgt  Oberstleutnant General Kleiner Schwanz Prayut.

    Et, voila, shop-on!


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  12. Thai Enquirer has a nice piece today 😀

    Actually quite fact laden despite the intention being elsewhere.


    Foreign Affairs: Unrest continues for a seventh day in former British colony

    Unrest and protests continued for a seventh straight day in the former British colony of the United States as the government vowed to use its military to end the demonstrations, US media reported on Tuesday.

    The protests began in the small province of Minnesota, located in the agrarian ‘Middle West,’ over the killing of an ethnic minority by state security forces.

    Protests led by the minority ‘black’ community have erupted throughout the country with the minority group calling for equal rights and better treatment from the government. Protesters have set fire to government installations and looted buildings throughout the country as clashes with security forces continue. The security forces have tried to disperse the protesters with tear gas, rubber bullets and batons but to no avail.

    US President Donald Trump, who was ‘elected’ in 2016 despite the majority of votes going to his rival candidate, vowed in a speech to bring in the military to end the protests.

    “I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them,” Trump said in a national address.

    Trump used the opportunity to walk to a religious temple in the national capital Washington DC to proclaim his religious affiliation. Holding a Christian bible in his hand, Trump declared the US “a great nation.”

    Religious Fundamentalism and persecution of minorities

    Religious fundamentalism and minority suppression has long been a problem in the former British colony.

    The United States has had a long history of suppressing and persecuting its various ethnic minorities since the country gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1776.

    The treatment of its indigenous ‘Native Americans,’ its imported Asian and Black communities, and its Hispanic community has long been a source of friction.

    American black minority groups were under a program similar to South Africa’s Apartheid policy until as recently as 1964. Today, the ethnic black community is still detained and killed with impunity by the state security forces and black Americans make up the majority of those incarcerated under the country’s archaic judicial system.

    Religion also plays a major role in governance with religious beliefs separating key state organs including the country’s highest court where many social laws are passed based on the justices personally held religious convictions.

    [Disclaimer: Native Americans is in quotations because it is a blanket term used by the ruling class of the US to call the country’s original inhabitants before the Anglo-European invasion. The ‘Native Americans’ are comprised of thousands of tribes, all with their own culture, language and traditions.]


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  13. 2 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:

    Siam station around 4 PM.


    Holy Lord tell them to open the border soon please.

    No shit! My 19 year old daughter on her way out in the morning 😃/😔


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