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  1. Do the sidewalk bars now close earlier than before or is everything the same ?
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8zt8xB0eh0 When I was a kid we referred to what's now called glam rock as glitter rock. The order is debatable, but a good list none the less. Was this genre solely an Anglo phenomenon? Any good bands left out? Suzi?
  3. Roger_Baby

    Cheap eats

    Oh yeah. I remember that place. Sounds good. Thanks. Btw, does Baccarra still put on the buffet on Fridays?
  4. Roger_Baby

    Cheap eats

    Will be in BKK next week entertaining freeloading in-laws. Any suggestions for eating on the cheap? These animals love buffets. Thank you.
  5. I thought that was the reason to register, but I realize now that making you angry is also entertaining. Expat, quite a funny response if you ask me. Wah Ching just read the question and responded accordingly. Typical here.
  6. I like the hefty one. Great massage. As far as drinks go, pay as you go. It's a pain but can reduce the number of scam opportunities.
  7. RIP individual RIP threads.
  8. Dehydration, perhaps? TMZ.com has some interesting coverage.
  9. ROTFL. Your responses alway make me laugh. Keep it up.
  10. Many of the critics are missing an important aspect of the new iphone. The touch pad operation and the video aspects are what I consider the cool factor. I won't buy one since my needs are met through my Nokia 3120. When Apple intoduces the phone in Asia 08, it most certainly will have 3g. The product is being introduced first in the US then other markets to follow (Marketing 101). As far as ipods go, I am tempted to buy a shuffle for long plane rides but that's it. I like the new San Disk player best. Btw, I use Macs and pc's at home and work and I prefer the Mac.
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